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Generally, castings have special requirements(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). Continuous heating furnace should be used for single variety and mass repeated production, which is convenient to realize automation, program control and shorten production cycle(aluminium oxide blasting); Trolley type reverberatory furnace is used for single piece, small batch and multi variety production.

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Carry out the principle of "low temperature and quick pouring" as much as possible, and strictly control the casting temperature of tapping(black silicon carbide). External cooling iron is divided into two categories: direct (no sand separation) external cooling iron is used for plate-shaped castings with a thickness of 35-60mm, uniform thickness, weight ≤100kg, and simple structure, such as liners, tooth plates, etc(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). 

Adopt the principle of sequential solidification, and use spacer risers as much as possible, and the inner gate enters the riser tangentially to increase the temperature of the riser molten steel and increase the feeding efficiency of the riser, but avoid excessive internal stress caused by the large temperature difference(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). Deformation and cracks in the casting. Selection of dimensional deviation(corundum sand). Thick and bulky. 

Common riser positions, generally should avoid casting use and processing surface, and try to use side and side risers(aluminum oxide blasting grit). The size of the riser can be selected by referring to the relevant data in the table(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). Austenitic manganese steel has poor thermal conductivity and large linear expansion coefficient(aluminium oxide sand). Water quenching of austenitic manganese steel is the most simple, economical and effective process, so it is widely used.

However, production practice has proved that it is permissible to appropriately increase the charging temperature and speed up the heating rate of many products before 650 ℃(silicon carbide powder). Therefore, it is required to shorten the retention time of high-temperature castings outside the furnace as far as possible before watering, and it is best to control it within 305. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). 

The technical requirement of the external chilled iron is that the working surface of the direct external chilled iron should be smooth and free of iron and tin scale(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). The material should be sharply controlled during use and dried together with the mold(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). The commonly used heat treatment method is water quenching treatment, in addition, there are dispersion hardening and precipitation hardening treatments.

Generally(240 grit aluminum oxide blast media), it is not necessary to use all the mouths, only directly place the formed outer cooling iron on the lower type (use surface), and cooperate with the pouring riser to expand the effective feeding distance of the riser and improve the feeding efficiency, resulting in sequential solidification in the direction of the riser(aluminum oxide 80 90 grit). Machining allowance(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). The purpose is austenitic manganese steel engineering components.

For casting machining allowance, please refer to Table 5-25, select according to actual production, and adjust the casting of machined holes(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). When drilling and tapping are required, carbon steel mandrels of corresponding sizes can be precast to facilitate processing(pink aluminum oxide). The furnace temperature shall be uniform, and multi-point temperature measurement and automatic recording instruments shall be adopted. 

To avoid cracks between the chilled irons or defects in the fusion and welding of the chilled iron on the casting when using direct external chilled iron, use sand isolation 10 ~15mm "Sand Outer Cooling Iron"(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). The outer chilled iron is placed 20~25mm(aluminum oxide abrasive powder), and the vertical and horizontal gaps should be staggered to avoid forming a regular cooling weak surface, causing cracks in the casting between the chilled irons(alumina grit).

For the relationship between the size of the outer chilled iron and the thickness of the corresponding section of the casting, please refer to the table data(aluminium oxide blasting media). Especially the conventional as-cast austenitic manganese steel has great prospects, and it is easy to peel off or even break during use, leading to early failure(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). In production, it can be determined according to different equipment conditions and product objects. 

The general casting temperature is 1390~1450(black corundum). In addition to special curtain walls and multi-alloy austenitic manganese steels that can be used in the as-cast state, they must be heat treated to improve strength and toughness, increase work hardening ability and service life(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). In order to gradually transition the chilling capacity of the chilled iron, the periphery of the outer chilled iron is made a 45° inclined plane(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). 

The general requirements are as follows: fully clean the castings before water purification, and group the furnace according to the wall thickness of the castings(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine); The ballast shall be properly placed during furnace loading to ensure uniform heating and cooling and prevent casting deformation(glass bead abrasive). Generally, it is required to raise the temperature slowly in the elastic-plastic deformation stage to avoid casting cracks.

If solid fuel is used, it will have high labor intensity and inconvenient operation(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). Charging temperature and heating rate. Indirect (sand isolation) external chilled iron is used for castings with a wall thickness of more than 100mm(alumina sand). The disadvantages of high manganese steel in use and process performance are too brittle in the casting state, so it is not suitable to be used without water quenching treatment. 

The insulation in the intermediate stage (650 ~ 700 ℃) reduces the temperature difference inside and outside the thick wall casting(white aluminum oxide 80 grit), the temperature in the furnace is uniform(steel shot abrasive), and preparations are made for raising the high temperature (when using solid fuel, the slag must be cleaned). Reasonable selection of equipment(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). When the spacer riser cannot meet the feeding needs of the casting, a cut riser is used.

It is best to use gas or liquid fuel(brown aluminum oxide). The water quenching treatment brings the bad consequences of oxidative decarburization and serious deformation warpage to the slender and thin-walled castings. The principle is to ensure that the carbides of the product are fully dissolved(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). Generally, external chilled iron is widely used to control the solidification sequence, refine the matrix structure and prevent shrinkage. 

When formulating the specification, the shape complexity of the casting structure(aluminum oxide grit blasting), wall thickness and weight, equipment conditions, production technology level, product chemical composition and the sensitivity of the casting to cracks shall be considered(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). When the casting is cooled by water quenching, the water temperature shall not be lower than 950 ℃ to avoid the re precipitation of national solution carbide(aluminum oxide abrasive media).

The former is easy to cause deformation to large and complex wall parts, and it is difficult to take out the castings from the pool after quenching(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). However, for simple shape, small thin-wall castings and slow (≤ 50 ℃ / h) heating parts, no stay can be made(46 grit aluminum oxide). Finally, the purpose of high temperature insulation is to make the undissolved iodide in the heating process fully dissolve in human nasite and diffuse evenly.

The latter can install the lifting rail in advance and enter the furnace while hot after leaving the protection, which is conducive to using the waste heat in the protection and shortening the production cycle(cheap white aluminium oxide suppliers ukraine). It is convenient to lift out of the pool after quenching, but the lifting rail consumes a lot(garnet blasting media). When storing parts in water, it is often used to turn over the plate automatically or hang the essence with a hanging rail.

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