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Cheap White Aluminium Oxide Wholesale South Africa

Taking the current 300kA level cell as the side, it is appropriate to keep about 28cm, and maintain about 2 em in the maintenance life(black corundum). The change of the heat budget of the electrolytic cell is determined by the high level of the cost. The most important thing is to keep the low level for a long time(black aluminium oxide). If the bottom temperature is high, the medium temperature line in the inner village of the bright electrode will be damaged.

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In terms of process technology, it is not allowed to have too large changes in the cable distance, keep the technical conditions stable, and constantly seek the best conditions to hold life(white corundum). It can reduce the occurrence of electrolytic planting cell, maintain reasonable heat balance and material balance, and stabilize the shape of protection chamber(white fused alumina manufacturer). Choose to overwhelm the promotion of all levels, row anti sprinklers to reduce the aluminum level.(cheap white aluminium oxide wholesale south africa)

According to the difference of trough type, the system difference is very large, some keep about 22cm, others keep 30em(brown fused aluminum oxide). If the aluminum level is too high, there will be more heat in the conduction refining, and the heat in the tank will lose seriously, which will cause the temperature to drop, and the bottom of the furnace will be cooled and precipitated, which will seriously worsen the furnace bottom(white fused alumina price). The other diameter is not biased to adjust the aluminum level. 

(cheap white aluminium oxide wholesale south africa)In modern short-term wax transportation management, the group level height is controlled between 25-28cm, which is different from the electrolyte height(pink corundum). In the first three years, with the increase of heat dissipation capacity of the side wall, the four shapes of the upper wall were formed, and the deformed furnace particles were formed. It is of great significance to maintain a suitable height for the operation of electrolytic plants(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). The real cathode is turning liquid.

The results show that the heating zone is close to the furnace bottom, the heat output from liquid aluminum decreases and the temperature of bottom protection increases(white aluminum oxide). Although the bottom is clean, but the protection is better than the big. To a certain extent. In the first three years, the aluminum level of electrolyzer can not be kept too high(white aluminum oxide blast media). After three years, with the appearance of damage of nursing base, the level of electrolytic concentrate can be raised.

In addition, low aluminum level will result in high temperature of electrolytic flow under anode and serious secondary reaction, which will reduce the electrical efficiency(green silicon carbide). Some erosion pits will lead to the down spectrum of lead liquid, resulting in melting of cathode copper rod and serious furnace turnover(garnet suppliers). Electrolytic cell production must have a part of the wrong as the negative plate, which is often said in the production of aluminum.(cheap white aluminium oxide wholesale south africa)

In order to stabilize the field, it is necessary to keep enough height of the decaying current in the cell(white fused alumina). In addition, the level control is an important means to adjust the heat balance, which can be achieved by increasing or decreasing the aluminum quasi height. The control method of our level is mainly realized by drawing, when the electrolytic concentrate is in the state of low aluminum level(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). Eliminate the change of strengthening current and protection chamber.

(cheap white aluminium oxide wholesale south africa)It is the core of steel level management to adjust and maintain the loss level suitable for the electrolyzer itself and the technical conditions(black silicon carbide). To sum up, the two levels of e-mail slot management play an important role in production indicators and stable operation. Aluminum level is an important factor affecting the thermal balance of electrolytic cotton(garnet abrasive). Because the precipitated reaction is completed on the mirror surface of aluminum.

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