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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit Russia

In the temperature range from 727 ℃ to the assumed boiling point, the gas phase of aluminum oxide is mainly the single atom of aluminum and oxygen. Brown corundum is a kind of brown melting block, which is made of bauxite clinker, carbon material and iron scraps, which are mixed and added into the electric arc furnace and cooled after arc fused alumina high temperature melting and impurity reduction.

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It can be seen that the trend of the ago-t curve of the CO formation reaction decreases with the increase of temperature. The smelting of white fused alumina is based on the basic principle that the affinity of aluminum to oxygen is greater than that of iron, silicon, titanium, etc. the main impurities in bauxite can be reduced by reducing smelting by controlling the number of silicon carbide companies reducing agents.(cheap white aluminum oxide 120 grit russia)

The reduced impurities form ferrosilicon alloy and are separated from the molten corundum, so as to obtain white aluminum oxide with the crystal quality meeting the requirements and the Al2O3 content greater than 94.5%. The relationship between the free energy AG9 and the temperature T is obtained from the standard formation of each oxide. Its main chemical composition is Al2O3, the green carborundum content is 94.5% ~ 97%.

(cheap white aluminum oxide 120 grit russia)It can be judged whether other oxides in bauxite, except Al2O3, white corundum can be reduced and separated by electrofusion reduction. The equilibrium of the reaction between AG9 and oxides is as follows: AG9 = - rink, = rtinpo, PA is the equilibrium oxygen pressure . The temperature at the glass beads supplier intersection of the △ g9-t line of the oxide formation reaction and the △ Go-T of the CO formation reaction can be obtained.

On the contrary, the higher PA and △ go are, the more unstable the pink corundum oxide is and the easier it is to be reduced. This line can almost intersect with the ago-t line of all metal oxide formation reactions, which means that in theory, the vast majority of oxides in bauxite can be reduced by carbonization under certain conditions, silicon carbide price that is to say, impurities in bauxite can be removed by carbon at a certain temperature.(cheap white aluminum oxide 120 grit russia)

Above this starting temperature, the black corundum corresponding oxides can be reduced to metals by carbon. It can be seen that the oxides FeO, K2O, Nazo, SiO2, TiO2 and MgO in bauxite are reduced to metals Fe, K, Na, Si, Ti and Mg by carbon. The starting temperatures are about 720 ℃, 750 ℃, 980 ℃, 1530 ℃, 1650 ℃ and 1830 ℃, respectively, while the fused alumina starting temperatures of Al2O3 reduction by carbon are about 2010 ℃.

(cheap white aluminum oxide 120 grit russia)Among the reduced metal elements, K, Na and Mg are volatilized in the form of gas, brown fused alumina price while most of the metals such as Fe, Si and Ti form alloy sinking, so as to separate Al2O3 from other oxides(i.e. the decomposition pressure of oxides). It can be seen that the lower PA is, the greater the affinity of black oxide aluminum metal elements to oxygen is, the smaller AG9 is, the more stable the oxides are.

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