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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Malaysia

The white aluminum oxide body was calcined at 1900 ℃ for a short time (8 hours in total and 3 hours in heat preservation). The large crystalline corundum clinker calcined at about 1950 ℃ is called plate corundum, and the crystal of this kind of corundum is in sheet shape. High temperature calcined corundum clinker has strong chemical inertia and slag resistance, because these clinker have high-purity aluminium oxide abrasive grit crystal and large crystal size.

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The black alumina products made of these clinker also have good slag resistance. High density corundum clinker can not be obtained when sintering pure alumina clinker without modified additives, even when it is close to the melting temperature, because the crystal growth is too fast in the sintering stage, a large number of tiny bubbles are trapped from the grain boundary, leaving many closed pores inside the aluminium oxide blasting grit crystal.(cheap white aluminum oxide 220 grit malaysia)

One of the structural characteristics of high temperature calcined tabular white corundum is that there are many closed circular pores in the crystal. Calcium hexaaluminate (CA6) is the compound with the highest Al2O3 content in CaO-Al2O3 system. The sintered corundum clinker with ideal crystal shape, grain size, less porosity and higher density was obtained by adding a small amount of MgO in the special refractory plant. The crystal size of silicon carbide price can reach 50-150 PM.

(cheap white aluminum oxide 220 grit malaysia)In the special refractories factory, brown fused alumina price AlF3, 0.5% ~ 2%, Y203, 0.05% ~ 0.5% were added to the industrial alumina with a median diameter of DSO = 4.86um. After mixing, pressing and drying, the fused corundum was fired in a high-temperature tunnel kiln at 1850 ℃. The sintered corundum crystal was obviously tabular, containing Al2O3, 99.46%, SiO2, 0.25%, feo2, 0.05%, Na2O, 0.04%, and the bulk density was 3.68g/m, green carborundum and its size can be larger than 200um.

Of course, the type and quantity of impurities that exist or attract people are different, which will affect the plate-like process of black corundum calcination to a certain extent, and sometimes play a role in promoting and reducing the calcination temperature of the plate-like; the plate-like aluminium oxide blasting crystal is a fully developed hexagonal plate-like a-Al2O3 crystal. Because of its high density and low thermal conductivity, bonite castables have excellent wear resistance and heat insulation properties.(cheap white aluminum oxide 220 grit malaysia)

Sometimes, it can hinder the platelike temperature, and the original shape and fineness of white fused alumina can also affect the platelike temperature and process. However, ultra-high temperature is an extremely important condition for the platelike structure of sintered aluminum oxide, or there are some particles with transgranular fracture, silicon carbide companies which plays a decisive role in the platelike structure of the platelike aluminum oxide grains. 

(cheap white aluminum oxide 220 grit malaysia)However, the fracture of polycrystalline alumina sintered at lower temperature is generally intergranular fracture, and the fracture of pink corundum particles also does not show obvious tabular structure morphology, which is the reason why it is proposed that "sintered corundum and tabular fused aluminum oxide should not be distinguished and confused". The transgranular fracture of alumina polycrystal calcined at ultra-high temperature shows obvious tabular crystal structure.

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