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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Manufacturers UAE

When pressing by hot pressing method, the mould shall be preheated before use, white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit and the air shall be properly deflated during hot pressing to let the volatile matter out, and finally the pressure shall be maintained for a period of time. During cold pressing, due to the low strength and special shape of the pink alumina blank, care should be taken when unloading the die.

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The unloaded blank is placed on the same shape of brown aluminium oxide manufacturer tray to prevent kicking deformation, and then dried and hardened. In the hot pressing process, the bond has been in the semi hardening state and the strength of the blank is slightly higher. After demoulding, it can be directly hardened on the pallet. Under the action of black aluminium oxide grinding pressure of 250-1000kg, it is used for grinding.

(cheap white aluminum oxide 220 grit manufacturers uae)The cold pressing method should be carried out according to the hardening specification of general powdery resin tools, brown fused alumina price and the speed should not be too fast. Hot pressing method can be used to press the method of rapid heating to the highest temperature for hardening. It is a special grinding wheel made of coarse-grained aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh and resin bond with a diameter of 500-600mm.

The heavy load grinding wheel is installed on a special semi-automatic or automatic grinding machine for black corundum grinding steel keys, billets, steel plates and plating bath parts. Its grinding efficiency is high, grinding ratio is large, and the grinding wheel itself has unique advantages such as high strength, high hardness, coarse grain size, etc. Abrasive: variety selection: A, Ma, Za and bauxite sintered corundum; black silicon carbide suppliers particle size selection: F10 ~ F16.(cheap white aluminum oxide 220 grit manufacturers uae)

Auxiliary materials: hemihydrate gypsum powder, cryolite powder, salt, lead oxide, iron sulfide, fine-grained pink corundum, aluminum ring, steel ring, glass fiber, etc. Polyvinyl acetal wheel is also called PVA wheel. It is a kind of brown fused alumina grit grinding wheel, which is made of polyvinyl alcohol and formaldehyde as binder, under the catalysis of hydrochloric acid and in a certain temperature environment, through acetalization.

(cheap white aluminum oxide 220 grit manufacturers uae)Phenolic resin - polyfloating resin, polyurethane, etc. PVA grinding wheel is a kind of white fused alumina polishing tool with multi porosity and elasticity, which is suitable for metal and non-metal polishing. Binding agent: phenolic new phenolic resin, polyamine bismaleimide. It is most suitable for white aluminum oxide 120 grit polishing stainless steel, copper alloy and other tough and hard to grind materials and parts with complex profile. 

Abrasives: variety selection: alumina series, white aluminum oxide series; particle size selection: from coarse to fine as required. Binder: polyvinyl alcohol, formaldehyde. Glue making process: put a certain amount of water in the reactor, start to stir, add PVA (granular) to continue to stir, heat to 90 ℃ and keep for 1h, to become a glue like water solution, and then brown aluminum oxide blast media pass through 24 screens, to become a translucent PVA water solution.(cheap white aluminum oxide 220 grit manufacturers uae)

Generally, the operating speed is less than 35m / s, white corundum which is only suitable for dry grinding. Mixed molding material: put the PVA aqueous solution back into the reactor, mix it for 5-10min, add hydrochloric acid catalyst for 5-20min, add abrasive for 15-20min, then add formaldehyde solution for 25-30min, and finally get the brown fused alumina for grinding molding material of PVA grinding wheel. Heavy load grinding wheel is also called heavy load grinding wheel.

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