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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide 50 Mesh Factory Germany

Sodium silicate sand has been widely used in foundry industry all over the world because of its advantages that clay sand does not have(white aluminum oxide). In the test, VRH method is a complete set of casting production process, which can be divided into casting production part and sand recycling part from the equipment point of view(carborundum grit). In VRH process, in addition to chemical hardening, dehydration hardening is also added.

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When the casting is cooled to about 1100 ℃, it is lifted out of the sand box and quenched by water(brown fused aluminum oxide). It controls the hardness and surface quality of products by controlling the amount of carbon dioxide, which not only saves the amount of carbon dioxide and sodium silicate, but also makes the sand regeneration effect better(100 grit aluminum oxide white), reduces the cost and realizes energy saving and efficiency increasing.

(cheap white aluminum oxide 50 mesh factory germany)It has also played a very good role in environmental protection(white fused alumina). The specific process is as follows: the casting is cooled for a period of time after pouring. The test results show that the process is feasible for the negative pressure full mold casting of high hammer steel castings(black aluminum oxide blast media). If the process factors are properly controlled, the castings can meet the quality requirements of high manganese steel.

However, it has the disadvantage of poor collapsibility(black corundum), which leads to poor sand falling performance and difficulty in sand regeneration, which hinders its further development. In VRH method, when the mass fraction of sodium silicate is 2.5% ~ 3.0%(steel grid), the strength of the sample should be 1.5 MPa and the surface stability should be more than 85% after hardening under a certain negative pressure for 2 h.(cheap white aluminum oxide 50 mesh factory germany)

The bonding ability of sodium silicate is only about 10%(pink corundum). That is to say, in the process of vacuumizing, so the mold strength is higher than that of sodium silicate sand method. Suspension casting is a casting process successfully developed by the former Soviet Union in the 1960s to control the solidification process, reduce or eliminate casting defects(white aluminum oxide blast media), and improve its microstructure and properties.

(cheap white aluminum oxide 50 mesh factory germany)When preparing the coating, the vacuum degree of the vacuum tank used for the test is 0.08mpa, which is reduced to 0.06mpa during the pouring process(garnet abrasive). The linear shrinkage of high manganese steel is more than twice that of ordinary carbon steel, but its thermal conductivity is far lower than that of ordinary steel(black aluminium oxide). The core equipment of VRH method is vacuum hardening part, and the dry sand is loose.

After pouring, according to the size and wall thickness of the casting(garnet suppliers), the delayed vacuum time is determined to make the casting solidify under negative pressure and prevent the casting from expanding box defects. For castings with medium thickness of 20 ~ 30mm, it usually takes 3 ~ 5min(white fused alumina price). In order to obtain a single austenite structure, high manganese steel castings need water toughening treatment.(cheap white aluminum oxide 50 mesh factory germany)

This is because in the sodium silicate sand(glass bead blasting media suppliers), the coating and the coating process need to be coated with the coating on the outer surface of the foam pattern and the gating system in the lost foam casting process. Dry sand molding without binder is adopted in lost foam casting with sand embedding, which mainly requires good air permeability(white corundum manufacturers), silicate is rapidly dehydrated, uniformity and sufficient compactness.

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