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As a result, if the gas flow rate drops to a lower value at the middle position in the length direction of the electrolysis tumor(white aluminum oxide), the inlet surface rises again and reaches the highest value at the flue end. The quantity of the god of food is ≤0.6kx, and the electricity sales model is ≤1.0kg(pink corundum). The operating indicators obtained are as follows: the gas collection efficiency of the electrolytic cell is ≥0%.

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As a result, the boundary conditions of the calculation core are set fine, because the main frame is finally extended and crosses the boundary of the calculation domain(green silicon carbide). makes the electrolytic cell cover form an efficient and stable flow field. The double-drain technology effectively reduces the fugitive emissions of the electrolysis workshop(brown fused alumina 95%). As the number of electrolysis shops increases, the flue gas temperature also increases.(cheap white aluminum oxide 50 mesh suppliers canada)

Therefore, we took the lead in using CFD numerical simulation technology to develop the negative pressure balance stack technology for the super large number of wrong electrolysis planting gas gathering systems(white fused alumina), and fully completed the established technical goals for the development of super large metropolitan electrolytic cotton(brown aluminum oxide manufacturers). This shows that the lead length of the electrolytic cell is divided into two negative circles K.

(cheap white aluminum oxide 50 mesh suppliers canada)It can be seen from the circle that the absolute value of the static pressure at the aluminum outlet of the two test electrolysis bridges is relatively low(black silicon carbide). When it reaches the middle of the electrolytic fine length direction, the absolute value of the static pressure is again Downgrade to a lower value(white aluminum oxide fine powder). The rapid development of technology has become a new subject that has come from the rapid development of technology.

The entrance surface was raised twice and reached the highest value at the side track end(white corundum). The negative pressure balance technology and double exhaust gas technology of the super large-scale electrolysis plant gas gathering system are used in the NEUI4OO kA high energy efficiency electrolytic cell of Zhongfu Industry(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit). The process flow of aluminum electrolysis staggered heating national harvest is shown in the figure.(cheap white aluminum oxide 50 mesh suppliers canada)

Side-pipe residual energy national harvesting technology is to comprehensively utilize the exquisite waste heat in electrolysis production(aluminum oxide abrasive). The negative pressure equalization technology makes full use of the negative pressure generated by the gas temperature, and the negative pressure in the gas collector is more evened through the partitioned gas collection(aluminium oxide grit manufacturers), thereby improving the gas collection efficiency of the electrolytic cell.

(cheap white aluminum oxide 50 mesh suppliers canada)This point is consistent with the situation in the figure reversed(brown fused alumina price), indicating that the electrolysis gas transmission and gathering system adopts the partitioned gas gathering technology to play an obvious homogenizing thrust. By the end of 2010, the world’s raw peach production was 40.4 million tons, and my country’s raw lead production has exceeded 16 million tons(garnet suppliers), and its production capacity has exceeded 20 million tons.

Improving the structure of electrolytic gas gathering and increasing the efficiency of gas gathering(aluminum oxide grit), one of the urgent problems that need to be solved for the production of electrolytic aluminum pollutants and achieve emission reduction targets is that computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has been developed with computers in the past ten years(garnet mesh 30 60). It has become a powerful tool for fluid mechanics theoretical analysis and engineering design.

(cheap white aluminum oxide 50 mesh suppliers canada)The flow rate of the internal air flow of the two electrolysis assistants is in the length direction, and the flow rate of the outlet gas is relatively low(black corundum). The industrial electricity consumption of the electrolytic capital accounts for more than 7% of China’s power generation, but its energy utilization rate is capable of 50%(garnet abrasive). As it approaches the end of the olefin channel, the absolute value of the static pressure increases gradually.

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