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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Suppliers UK

In the igniter of gas and mixed gas, the gas and air are mixed by the burners and then ejected for combustion(pink corundum). The oil of the liquid fuel igniter enters the combustion chamber from the burners on both sides and burns. The igniter using natural gas does not need to use combustion supporting fan system(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). It uses the nozzle on the burner to spray high-pressure gas-free air to support combustion.

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The igniter rammed with refractory concrete does not need to add metal shell, and the burner is installed on both sides or top(glass beads manufacturers). Around the combustion chamber built with refractory bricks, there is a furnace shell welded with steel plates, which plays a protective role(glass bead abrasive). The 90m sintering machine of Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. uses 1000mm × 3800mm shuttle distributor, which is installed at the outlet of the secondary mixer.

The length of igniter is determined by trolley speed and ignition time(garnet abrasive price). The solid fuel igniter reflects the flame of the combustion furnace on both sides of the combustion chamber to the ventilation pipe in the combustion chamber for ignition. All kinds of igniters are equipped with observation holes and thermocouples to observe the flame combustion and indicate the temperature in the furnace(steel shot abrasive). The ignition time is 1-2min.

Generally speaking, the length of igniter in China is 7% ~ 12% of the length of sintering machine(white fused alumina). Practice has proved that such a length is not enough. The length of ignitor of new sintering machine abroad is about 18% ~ 20% of the length of sintering machine. The width of ignitor shall be slightly larger than that of trolley(silicon carbide 180 grit). The net height of the ignitor vault depends on the diffusion angle of the flame.

The supporting beam of igniter working at high temperature is equipped with a cooling system, and the cooling forms of various coolers are basically the same(white aluminum oxide). A connected cooling water tank is composed of channel steel, angle steel and steel pipe along the left, extended ignition time, right and back three sides of the igniter bottom(brown aluminium oxide grit). The front of the igniter is a separate cooling water tank to bear the weight of the igniter.

The number and configuration of burners shall be based on the fact that the flame from the nozzle is evenly distributed on the whole material surface of the trolley(white corundum). Because of the increase of the mixing diameter, the excess air coefficient is increased and the temperature in the burner area is reduced(white aluminium oxide 180/220). The inlet water pressure of the cooling water is above 0.2MPa, and the water temperature out of the cooling water tank is about 60 ℃.

However, the old igniter has small ignition area and short ignition time, which can not meet the requirements of the process(brown fused alumina price). The 90m sintering machine of Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. uses natural gas for ignition. In 1975, the igniter was improved on a sintering machine(aluminum oxide blast media). The diameter of the burner was increased, the angle of the burner was changed, and the igniter was extended. The ignition time was extended for 15s.

After the improvement, the life of igniter is prolonged 3 times, the ignition temperature distribution is more uniform, and the output and quality of sinter are also improved obviously(black corundum). Therefore, the newly designed igniters have increased length, and some have added insulation sections(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). At the same time, the waste gas produced by combustion shall be suitable for the negative pressure and air volume of the air box.

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