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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide Crystals Price France

There are sleeve type, full tube type, brick tube type and inter tube type in the vaporization cooling wall of the artificial shaft kiln chimney set in the kiln calcination zone(white fused alumina). If it is too small, the material will not be fully sintered and the temperature will be high. The supporting device is composed of a supporting roller, a supporting shaft, a supporting roller bearing(aluminum oxide grit). If the height is too high, the material in the kiln will go forward.

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The selection principle is to minimize the surface area of the cooling wall to minimize the impact on the calcination of the materials around the kiln and to save energy(white aluminum oxide). The effective height refers to the height of the material column in the kiln(synthetic corundum). When the material is calcined in the kiln for a certain period, increasing the effective height can increase the output, but the airflow resistance in the kiln increases accordingly.

The ratio of the effective height to the inner diameter of the kiln(white corundum): the dolomite and magnesia shaft kilns using coke as fuel are 6 to 7.5, and the clay, high aluminum and lime shaft kilns are 4 to 6. Shaft kilns with larger diameters can also be equipped with burners under the beam in the calcination zone across the cross-section(emery abrasive), or auxiliary burners at the center of the lower kiln of the calcination zone to direct part of the gas to the center of the kiln.

Dolomite, magnesia, high aluminum, clay shaft kiln inner diameter is 1.6 ~ 2.5m, lime shaft kiln inner diameter is 2.4 ~ 4m(brown fused alumina price). The weight of all rotating parts such as cylinder, kiln lining, materials and kiln skin are transferred to the supporting device through the rolling ring(garnet abrasive). It is of special importance for the production of highly active lime. High degree of mechanization and automation, and high production efficiency.

The advantages of the shaft kiln are simple equipment, low investment, less fuel consumed per unit of finished product, low cost, large unit volume utilization factor, and small footprint of the equipment itself(silicon carbide abrasive). The disadvantage is that the temperature distribution in the kiln is uneven, so it is easy to produce under-burned and over-burned products(garnet suppliers); when using coke or anthracite as fuel, the ash pollutes the product.

Less heat dissipation, simplified lining brick should meet the requirements of operating conditions(green silicon carbide). The cylinder is equipped with several rolling rings (wheel belts), which divide the cylinder into several spans. The rolling ring is cast or forged from carbon steel or alloy steel with good wear resistance and high contact fatigue strength(aluminum oxide sandblasting). The calcined raw materials are relatively uniform and stable, and the pollution of harmful impurities in the fuel is small.

The cross-sectional shape of the rolling ring has two types, rectangular and box-shaped(black silicon carbide). The power is transmitted to the large ring gear fixed on the cylinder body by the spring plate through the deceleration mechanism, so that the cylinder body rotates slowly(steel grid). The capacity transmission device is characterized by a large transmission ratio, which requires smooth stepless speed regulation and a large starting torque, a retaining wheel and a base.

There is a moderate gap between the roller ring and the cylinder body, which can not only enhance the rigidity of the cylinder body, but also not cause greater thermal stress on the cylinder body and the roller circle. Bear the full weight of the rotary equipment(aluminum oxide abrasive). It plays an axial and radial positioning role on the cylinder, making it safe and stable(glass bead blasting media suppliers). National resources are conducive to improving mine technical and economic indicators.

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