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Clay is divided into rock types, including kaolin, kaolinite clay and kaolinite clay rock(silicon carbide companies). The range from the sintering temperature to the starting softening temperature is called the sintering range. The coarse particle part (more than 0.05mm) contained in the clay is the most concentrated part of impurities(white fused alumina suppliers). The higher the degree of clay dispersion, the stronger the binding. This property of clay is called sinterability.

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The process characteristics of refractory clay are mainly dispersibility, plasticity, bonding and sintering(white fused alumina). These properties mainly depend on the clay mineral composition and particle composition, and are closely related to the manufacturing process of clay refractory materials(arc fused alumina). Dispersibility is a property that reflects the degree of dispersion of clay, and is usually expressed by the particle composition or specific surface area of clay.

The dispersibility of the clay is closely related to the plasticity(white aluminum oxide). The higher the degree of dispersion, the better the plasticity and the stronger the dispersibility in water. Plasticity refers to the ability of the sludge to deform easily but not easily crack under the action of external force, and to maintain its new shape after the external force is lifted and no longer restore its original shape(fused alumina). High alumina bauxite clinker is grayish white, light yellow and dark gray.

Generally speaking, clay is a highly dispersed substance(white corundum). The plasticity of clay depends on the mineral composition of the clay, the fineness and number of particles, the nature of the liquid phase, etc. Kaolinite as the main mineral and fine-grained clay has better plasticity(black oxide aluminum). Clay has the ability to bond non-plastic materials, so that the formed brick can maintain the given shape, and has a certain mechanical strength performance, called clay binding.

This is because the specific surface area of the clay particles increases, thereby increasing the contact area between the particles(brown fused alumina price). In general, the better the plasticity of the clay, the stronger the binding of the clay. Therefore, in actual production, the plasticity of clay is usually used to judge the strength of its bonding performance(glass beads supplier). The plasticity of clay can also be judged according to the binding ability of clay.

Sinterability(silicon carbide price). The clay is fired at a high temperature to obtain a sinter with a certain density and strength. The calcination quality of clinker, the technical term is the degree of sintering. The degree of sintering is determined by the true density, bulk density, porosity, water absorption, crystal particle size, degree of hydration and shrinkage rate(100 grit aluminum oxide white). The so-called sintered clinker refers to clinker with stable volume, high strength and low water absorption.

The sintering range is an extremely important property of refractory raw materials such as clay(green carborundum). Based on this, it can be determined what kind of products the raw material is suitable for, and which kiln and firing system to choose. In production, it is hoped that the sintering range of clay is wider, so as to master the firing system(white fused alumina manufacturer). The technological properties of clay mainly depend on the number of particles less than 2.0um.

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