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Magnesite brick is a magnesia refractory material composed of periclase as the main mineral and tricalcium silicate and dicalcium silicate as a combination(arc fused alumina). In addition to poor thermal shock resistance, iron-calcium bricks have other performance indicators superior to ordinary magnesium bricks(white aluminium oxide 180/220). The basic principle of magnesia-calcium brick production is to combine CaO in high-calcium magnesite into C / S and C, S.

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The raw materials used in production are high calcium magnesite, talc, apatite and iron scales(silicon carbide price). At present, the use of magnesia-calcium bricks in open hearth furnaces and converters has achieved results. When in use, the laid or R furnace bottom is covered (simultaneously beaten) with a certain thickness of metallurgical magnesia(steel shot abrasive), and it is sintered into the overall furnace bottom at a lower temperature and as quickly as possible.(cheap white aluminum oxide grit suppliers italy)

Rhenium metallurgical magnesia is often used for sintering and repairing the bottom of metallurgical furnaces and repairing materials(white fused alumina). It is divided into two types, one is ordinary metallurgical magnesia; the other is synthetic metallurgical magnesia (also known as Martin sand). The former is obtained by crushing sintered magnesite to a certain particle composition(fused alumina). In the latter case, a sintering accelerator is added in advance during preparation.

(cheap white aluminum oxide grit suppliers italy)Dolomite-based refractory material without free CaO has a mineral composition of MgO, CAS, C-S, CLAF, CF (or CsA)(white aluminum oxide). The former requires that more liquid tanks be formed at a lower temperature to complete the overall sintering quickly, while the latter requires sufficient refractory phases, especially periclase, which is not easy to sinter(glass bead abrasive). Therefore, the quality requirements for gold magnesia are mainly chemical mineral composition and particle composition.

Dolomite refractory is mainly used as the lining of alkaline oxygen converter(white corundum). Alkaline refractory produced with dolomite as the main raw material is called dolomite refractory. This requires the corresponding magnesia to have a corresponding phase and particle composition to ensure(garnet abrasive price). Large stone bricks and fired oil-doped dolomite bricks have been successfully applied to converters, greatly improving the life of the furnace.(cheap white aluminum oxide grit suppliers italy)

According to their chemical mineral composition, dolomite-based refractory materials can be divided into two categories: dolomite-based refractory materials containing free lime(brown fused alumina price). The mineral composition is located in MgO-CaO-C, SC, AF-CF (or CA). Containing active CaO that is difficult to sinter, it is easy to absorb moisture and powder(black oxide aluminum), so it is also called unstable or non-hydraulic dolomite refractory, and synthetic magnesia white clouds.

(cheap white aluminum oxide grit suppliers italy)Rhenium can also be used to spray up furnace walls(black corundum). In the composition, CaO is all in a bonded state and will not be scattered due to hydration, so it is also called stability or water-resistant white cloud quality refractory. From the perspective of chemical composition(glass beads manufacturers), it has gone through the stages of impurities from high to low, and in the process from non-burning to light burning to high temperature firing.

At present, the general tendency is to develop synthetic dolomite bricks with low impurity content and high Mg content(pink corundum). In recent years, with the rapid development of oxygen top-blown converter steelmaking, China's dolomite-based refractory materials have also been rapidly developed, and new varieties and new technologies have continuously appeared(glass beads supplier), such as vibration molding of large bricks, light-burning vacuum oil diffusion bricks.

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