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Although the raw materials used in the current alumina production are collectively referred to as bauxite, bauxite is not a single type of mineral with stable chemical composition and consistent crystal morphology(aluminum oxide blast media). According to the different crystal forms of alumina in bauxite, bauxite can be divided into: gibbsite type, boehmite type, bauxite type, and mixed types that coexist with each other(black oxide aluminum).

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The quality indexes of calcined products include: chemical purity, caustic reduction, a-Al2O3 content, particle size, and angle of repose(pink corundum). In order to better understand the characteristics of the bauxite dissolution process, it is necessary to first understand the general characteristics of the liquid-solid multiphase reaction(glass beads supplier). For a certain type of bauxite, although their alumina crystal forms are the same, their chemical composition will vary according to the origin.

Different types of bauxite have different crystalline states due to the presence of alumina, so the reaction ability with sodium aluminate solution will naturally be different(white fused alumina). Even the same type of bauxite will have different crystal integrity due to different origin Different, the dissolution performance will be different, the dissolution performance of different types of bauxite will be discussed below(silicon carbide companies). In the gibbsite type bauxite, alumina exists mainly in the form of gibbsite (Al2O3 · 3H2O).

Among all types of bauxite, gibbsite type bauxite is the most easily dissolvable type of bauxite(white aluminum oxide). When the dissolution temperature exceeds 85 ° C, gibbsite will dissolve. Under normal circumstances, the typical dissolution process of gibbsite is that the temperature is 140-145 ° C and the concentration of Na2 is 120-140g / 1(arc fused alumina). The gibbsite in the ore can quickly enter the solution to meet the requirements of industrial production. .

Kalvet holds a different view(white corundum). He does not consider Al (OH) 3 as an intermediate product of the dissolution reaction, but considers aluminum hydroxide molecules as an intermediate product. He used an interferometer to prove that the radius of sodium aluminate solution 22 to 24 nm particles, and it is considered to be aluminum hydroxide molecules (radius 23 nm). As the temperature rises, High, the dissolution rate of gibbsite is accelerated(fused alumina).

Hermant has a similar view(brown fused alumina price). He believes that the first step of dissolution is to split the aluminum hydroxide molecules from the crystal. These aluminum hydroxide molecules are adsorbed on the crystal surface, and when some molecules obtain a large kinetic energy, they enter the solution from the crystal surface adsorption layer(green carborundum). 2NaOH + CaCO3 + aq-NazCO3 + Ca (OH) 2 + aq This reaction is called anti-causticization.

Regarding the kinetics of the gibbsite dissolution process(black corundum), an equation in which the speed of the process is proportional to the difference between the instantaneous concentration and the saturation concentration is often used as a mathematical model of the kinetics of similar processes(silicon carbide price). He believes that the dissolution process is to first generate aluminum hydroxide molecules, diffuse into the solution, and then interact with the OH phase.

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