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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide Lapping Compound Malaysia

When the content of A12O3 in clay is 20 ~ 50%(white fused alumina), the fire resistance can be roughly calculated according to the following empirical formula according to the chemical analysis results. The dissolution solution AK is too high, sodium aluminate solution is too stable(silicon carbide grit suppliers), and the reduction of supersaturation is not conducive to decomposition, and the final productivity is reduced, and the unit consumption of ore is increased.

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The greater the ratio, the higher the fire resistance(white aluminum oxide). As mentioned above, clay is a mixture of many minerals and has no fixed melting point, so it gradually softens over a considerable temperature range. The temperature range between complete sintering and softening is usually changed to sintering range, that is, the temperature interval between TA and t(green silicon carbide). Because natural clay is a mixture of many components, it does not have a certain melting point.(cheap white aluminum oxide lapping compound malaysia)

Generally, the adsorbed water of clay fluctuates between 1-2%, sometimes as high as 20%(white corundum). When the temperature rises above 800 ℃, the porosity begins to decrease obviously, and the volume of clay body begins to shrink sharply. At this time, sintering begins. The temperature continues to rise, the porosity decreases to the minimum, the shrinkage reaches the maximum, and the green body reaches the most compact state(emery abrasive). The corresponding temperature is called sintering temperature (TA point). 

When the pressure of the holding tank reaches 0.30mpa(black aluminum oxide), the pressure should be released in time to ensure the full tank rate and reduce the content of sodium oxide in the dissolved red mud. If the temperature continues to rise, the porosity and shrinkage of the damaged parts change from stable to the opposite direction, which is called softening temperature (TS point)(black silicon carbide). It can only be softened and melted in a certain temperature range with the rise of temperature until it becomes glass phase.

(cheap white aluminum oxide lapping compound malaysia)The factors that affect the plasticity of clay clay include the type of clay mineral, particle size and shape, organic content, etc(brown fused alumina price). The sum of drying shrinkage and firing shrinkage changes is called total shrinkage, which is usually expressed by the percentage of linear shrinkage. With the increase of soluble salts and relative humidity in the atmosphere, the hygroscopicity of clay becomes larger(aluminum oxide abrasive). Ensure the reasonable matching of silicon and iron content in ore.

The adsorbed water of kaolinite clay ore fluctuates in a narrow range(pink aluminum oxide). For example, under the reducing atmosphere, Fe2O3 is reduced to ferrous oxide FeO, which makes the clay body become blue. If the content is increased, the color will be darker and finally become blue black(aluminum oxide grit). It is necessary to comprehensively master the types and composition of ores in the mine, and conduct detailed statistical analysis on the chemical analysis data and diffraction analysis data of ores.

The hygroscopicity of clay can cause some disadvantages(silicon carbide abrasive), such as the accuracy of ingredients, the moisture regain of grinding tool and the decrease of dry strength. The refractoriness of clay is a reflection of the ability of clay raw materials to resist the action of high temperature without melting(synthetic corundum). Because of the different content of Fe2O3, the color of clay is different after burning, and the degree is also related to the firing atmosphere.(cheap white aluminum oxide lapping compound malaysia)

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