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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide Lapping Compound USA

A fluid drying bed is a device that uses a drying medium to fluidize granular materials for drying(arc fused alumina). It has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, uniform drying and high automation level, and is suitable for the drying of loose granular materials, especially heat-sensitive materials(black silicon carbide factory). Generally, it is more than 30um and less than 6mm. If the mixture of several materials is dried, the relative density is required to be close.

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In the production of refractory materials in China, it is used to dry A1O-C and AlO-ZrOC particles(white fused alumina). The equipment is operated intermittently. Each cycle includes feeding, drying and unloading. It can also realize automatic continuous operation of feeding, drying and unloading(fused alumina). The vertical cylinder body is welded with steel plates, the outer surface is insulated with rock wool, and wrapped with thin steel plates.

Dust entrained in the dried gas is separated by the dust collector and discharged by the fan(white aluminum oxide). The two-layer chain belt dryer for drying refractory raw materials is composed of a head and a tail device, a transmission device, a grid device and a shell part(black oxide aluminum). The head and the tail are provided with sprockets, shafts and bearings fixed on the frame, and the sprocket and the chain plate bite to drive the grid to form a closed conveyor belt.

There is a curved track and blanking plate for the head of the upper layer grid guide rail and the lower layer of the grid gate guide rail for blanking(white corundum). After filtering and heating, the drying medium is fed into the body from under the abacus. The particle size of the material to be dried has a certain limit(glass beads supplier). Materials with too high moisture content and easy to stick should not be used. There is a replaceable abacus inside the body.

The lower part of the abacus is the hot air section, the upper part is the drying section, and the enlarged part is the exhaust section(brown fused alumina price). The top of the body is provided with an explosion-proof door, an exhaust gas outlet and a feeding door, and the discharging port is located above the adjacent abacus(garnet abrasive). Both the upper and lower abacus are equipped with temperature and pressure measuring instruments to control the production parameters.

The output shaft of the reducer and the vertical shaft of the rotary rake arm are rigidly connected, and the bearings on the vertical shaft are powder metallurgy oil-bearing bearings(silicon carbide price). This structure not only facilitates the quick discharge of the material after drying, but also prevents the material from leaking from the counting hole(garnet suppliers). The hole of the counting board is slit-shaped and has a guiding function. 

The mixing device is composed of motor, V-belt pulley, reducer, vertical shaft and rotary consumption arm installed on the vertical shaft(green carborundum). The vertical shaft drives the consumption arm, so that the consumption tooth rakes along the bed, promotes the fluidization of the material, so that the material with poor fluidity can evenly cover the bed and improve the drying efficiency(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Made of heat-resistant steel plate or general steel plate.

The airflow blown out from the guide slit has no dead angle, and the distance of the airflow through the material layer is longer than that blown out from the vertical slit, so the heat exchange between the hot airflow and the material is more sufficient(silicon carbide companies). It takes about 40 to 50 minutes. The abacus separates the body. The feeding device is intermittent feeding by pneumatic flap valve, or continuous feeding by double-layer flap valve(steel grid). 

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