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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide Powder Suppliers Malaysia

Chamber dryers are intermittently operated drying equipment consisting of one or several tunnels in parallel, usually used for drying large, special-shaped refractory bricks(brown fused alumina 60 grit). There are two types of chamber dryers: jet flow type and steam type. When the jet flow type uses hot air as the drying medium, the hot air is sent to the tunnel from a row of spray holes on the jet pipe installed in the side wall of the tunnel(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). Hot air drying bricks.

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Exhaust gas enters the exhaust pipe adjacent to the double row of holes, and is discharged from the chimney through the exhaust machine(brown fused alumina factory). The steam heats the air as a drying medium through radiators arranged on the inner walls of both sides of the tunnel or at the bottom of the tunnel(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). One end of the abacus is installed on the same axis as the chain plate and supported on the chain plate guide rail, which runs simultaneously with the chain plate.

This dryer is generally composed of two tunnels(white fused alumina oxide mfg). The clearance width of the tunnel commonly used in the Chinese refractory industry is 1100mm and the height is 1650mm. The length depends on the output and site conditions. The design length of the tunnel is to accommodate the total length of the drying truck plus a gap of 100 mm at each end, upward ventilation type and composite ventilation type; as shown in Figure 2-30(brown fused alumina for grinding). The steam type uses steam as a heat source.

Among them, the blade type has higher thermal efficiency(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). In China's refractory industry, it is used to dry spherical and cylindrical refractory raw materials made of high aluminum, clay and other sticky lumps and powders. It has the advantages of large contact area of hot air and materials and good drying effect(brown aluminum oxide blast media); the materials are not subject to vibration and impact, which is beneficial to prevent dust from polluting the environment and so on.

The machine is divided into single-layer type and multi-layer type according to the number of chain belt layers(white fused alumina); according to the ventilation direction, there are downward ventilation type, according to the exhaust direction, there are cocurrent exhaust, countercurrent exhaust and Separate exhaust method (the dryer is divided into several rooms along the length(white aluminum oxide 120 grit), and a separate fan is used to control the temperature and humidity in each room).

In the belt dryer, the materials are piled up in a static state on a horizontally closed conveyor belt made of steel wire mesh, perforated plate or abacus for ventilation and drying(white aluminum oxide). There is a tensioning device at the tail, which usually uses adjusting bolts, or it can also use oil pressure to push the cylinder piston to achieve tensioning(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). The radiator is made of steel tube, there are blade type, needle tube type and smooth tube type, etc.

There is a cleaner at the head rotation to prevent material contamination(white corundum). Clean the holes on the grid to improve ventilation and increase the drying rate. There are two types of hydraulic and mechanical transmission(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). The hydraulic transmission is the oil supply of the hydraulic device, which pushes the piston of the oil cylinder to intermittently rotate the head sprocket through the ratchet and pawl, which drives the chain plate to move slowly.

Mechanical transmission is to rotate the head sprocket through a speed reducer through a speed reducer(brown fused aluminum oxide). The main components of the machine. It is composed of several calculation books, chain plates, chain plate shafts, etc. The other end is supported on the grid guide rail parallel to the chain plate guide rail, and runs passively(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). The grid guide rails at the head end of the upper layer grid and the tail end of the lower layer dance grid are arc-shaped.

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