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Settling tank running in the settlement tank will cause the washing effect to deteriorate(arc fused alumina). The raw material workshop should organize the reasonable ore blending work strictly in accordance with the requirements of the factory department and the dispatching room(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The clay will produce a series of physical and chemical changes during heating, which have a great influence on the firing process and product quality.

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During dehydration, kaolinite produces metakaolinite from 450 to 600℃(green carborundum). Kaolin dehydrates and decomposes during heating, producing new products with equal physical and chemical changes. There are still many different views on its phase change at high temperatures. The reaction is as follows: raw material workshop: the amount of ore cannot be adjusted arbitrarily(100 grit aluminum oxide). If it is required by the regulation index, it must be reported to the dispatch in time.(cheap white aluminum oxide powder wholesale turkey)

The data really allows theory to be combined with practice and practice to verify the accuracy of ore blending(pink corundum). The above dehydration process varies with the degree of crystallization of kaolin. If the degree of crystallization is poor and the degree of dispersion is large, the dehydration temperature will be reduced(120 grit aluminum oxide). Due to the dehydration of clay, the strength of the bonding agent is reduced, and the heating rate should be slow to prevent cracked waste products.

Calculate reasonable data according to the ore blending formula(white fused alumina). At the time of ore blending, it is necessary to consider that some of the emotional alkalis have not reacted. When the clay contains a considerable amount of calcium oxide (CaO) or magnesium oxide (MgO), the coloring effect of Fe2O3 is greatly reduced(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The solid content of the ore pulp is less than 260g/l, and the dissolution solution A12O3 reduces the final effect on the dissolution rate.

(cheap white aluminum oxide powder wholesale turkey)The reduction of the dissolution rate means that the alumina dissolved in one ton of ore reduces the alumina production and reduces the final mineral consumption(white aluminum oxide). Normally, a ton of dry ore should be prepared with 3.2 cubic meters of circulating mother liquor(aluminum oxide blast media). Strictly control the dissolution temperature (requires that the outlet temperature of the seven-stage pipeline is not less than 135℃, 135℃-138℃ is recommended) and pressure.

Contact the evaporation workshop to ensure that the concentration of caustic soda in the mother liquor entering the grinding cycle is stable and not lower than 180g/1(white corundum). The dissolution workshop must ensure that the full tank rate discharges non-condensable gas in time(240 grit aluminum oxide). Kaolin clay is a commonly used raw material for ceramic binders, and it is of great significance to determine the firing system of the abrasive tool to understand its heating change rule. 

If it is found that the workshop cannot be adjusted in time(brown fused alumina price), the reaction will return to the solid phase due to excessive temperature (higher than 142 ℃) or the dissolution rate is lowered due to the dissolution temperature is too low, may cause waste of ore and increase mineral consumption. The dissolution workshop should strictly control the pipeline temperature and temperature change range at all levels(46 grit aluminum oxide). The workshop must report to the dispatch as soon as possible.

If the tank needs to be isolated, it must be permitted by the dispatch(black corundum). After the settlement tank improves, the dispatcher should urge the settlement workshop to gradually reduce the underflow. The entire system is controlled in a stepped manner to minimize the alumina taken away by the liquid and the alumina taken away by the abandoned red mud(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The amount of sodium oxide lost per ton of alumina production is alkali consumption.(cheap white aluminum oxide powder wholesale turkey)

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