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Cheap White Aluminum Oxide Rubbing Compound USA

At present, there are many kinds of refractories used in the throat of blast furnace(silicon carbide price), clay brick or high aluminum brick are generally used in the middle and upper part of the furnace body, carbon products are mostly used in the hearth, and special refractories such as carbon products, mullite bricks, waist and lower part of the furnace body(arc fused alumina). Under the condition of normal cooling equipment and operation, the application effect of refractories for blast furnace is basically satisfactory.

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According to reports, the life span of blast furnaces in Japan from 1967 to 1976 is as follows(white fused alumina): the average life span of 20 small blast furnaces below 1000m is about 7.7 years, that of 40 medium blast furnaces between 1000m and 2000m is 6.33 years, and that of 24 large blast furnaces above 2000m is 5.5 years(fused alumina). In 1981, there were 65 blast furnaces in Japan, 39 of which were more than 2000 meters long, and their service life was generally about 6.5 years, some of which reached about 10 years.

For example, the furnace capacity of No. 3 blast furnace in junjin plant of Nippon Steel is 4063 meters, which was shut down for overhaul on April 26, 1982(white aluminum oxide). The British blast furnace body is still built with bonded bricks, with a service life of about 6 years, that is, each furnace can produce more than 100 tons of pig iron(black oxide aluminum). The large-scale blast furnace in the United States started earlier, but its progress was slow. It is also the minimum requirement for Telu refractories.

These four requirements are for aluminosilicate bricks(white corundum). The furnace has been continuously produced for 10 years and 8 months, with a total of 32.1 million tons of pig iron and 7900 tons of iron per unit furnace capacity. The average life of blast furnace in the Soviet Union is 7-8 years in the 1960s. After the large-scale blast furnace, its average life is reduced to about 5.3 years(glass beads supplier). The life of blast furnace in American Iron and steel company is 3.5-10 years, and its average life is 6.5 years.

For example, the total A12O3 content of seven bricks for kouben blast furnace has been increased from 88% to more than 42%, and the iron oxide and strong alkali oxide have been greatly reduced(brown fused aluminum oxide); the bulk density has increased, the apparent porosity has been reduced from 20% to 10%, and the compressive strength has been doubled(green carborundum); the fire resistance has been increased from 1710 ℃ to 1750 ℃, and the load softening temperature (deformation 4%) has been increased nearly 100 ℃.

In the Soviet Union(black aluminum oxide), dense or kaolin bricks were mainly used in the blast furnace body, and high-density kaolin bricks with A12O3 content of 40-5% and low iron and low alkali were used in the furnace membrane and the lower part of the furnace body. Until recently, the iron making mainly used medium-sized blast furnace, corundum bricks or silicon carbide bricks are used in the belly, its furnace wall used dense clay brick(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer), and some blast furnaces also used high alumina brick or special refractory.

In the lower part of the furnace body, 92.1% of A12O3 was used as electric melting high alumina brick, which worked continuously for five and a half times(pink aluminum oxide). The bulk density of the brick is about 3.34g/cm, the apparent porosity is 6%, and the linear expansion of reheating at 1600 ℃ is 0.2%. At the same time, the brick has good alkali resistance and wear resistance(silicon carbide companies). It is obvious that the variety and quality of refractories for blast furnace wall are increased.

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