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It can be seen that the leakage current increases exponentially with the increase in temperature(white aluminum oxide). This is because the impurity ion mobility in the oxide film increases sharply with the increase in temperature, so that the ion conductivity of the oxide film increases, so that the current is adjusted(brown aluminum oxide grit). The following countermeasures can be taken: use high-quality working electrolyte. Localized corrosion.

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After the aluminum electrolytic capacitor has been stored for a period of time or for a long time, the current demand becomes larger, which is called the adjustment current rise(aluminum oxide grit). This is because the raw materials and manufacturing inevitably bring in traces of harmful impurities(white aluminium oxide blasting media). Choose a high-quality anode box, or choose an anode box with a high formation voltage U and a small corrosion coefficient.(cheap white aluminum oxide sand factory ecuador)

This is the inherent shortcoming of aluminum electrolytic capacitors(white fused alumina), which is related to the fact that aluminum metal is an amphoteric metal, and aluminum and aluminum oxide bands are poorly affected by chemicals. The longer the storage (shelving) of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and the higher the storage environment temperature(white corundum sand), the greater the possibility of local damage or damage to the dielectric oxide film.

(cheap white aluminum oxide sand factory ecuador)It is necessary to grasp the main factors in analyzing many factors to solve them(brown aluminum oxide sand). Strictly control the content of CIF and SO, preferably below 0.5mg/L. The applied voltage should be slowly increased from low voltage to the rated working voltage or 1.25 times the rated voltage, and the process is the same as the aging process(aluminum oxide sandblast media). The leakage current increases in relation to the duration of the applied voltage.

Promote civilized production, purify the production environment, and prevent hand sweat from polluting the core before assembly(white corundum). The positive lead is formed into a lead, especially a small-capacity capacitor. The recovery of leakage current is more complicated and involves many problems(aluminium oxide for blasting). The impact of storage is especially serious for high-pressure and large-volume products, and sufficient attention must be paid.(cheap white aluminum oxide sand factory ecuador)

When the purity of the anode aluminum box of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is increased from 99.20% to 99.99%(brown fused alumina price), its leakage current will be significantly reduced under the same conditions, especially at a higher working temperature, the impact is more significant(white alumina grit). Improving the purity of the aluminum box is An effective way to extend the working life of electrolytic capacitors and reduce leakage current.

(cheap white aluminum oxide sand factory ecuador)The secondary capacitance of an aluminum electrolytic capacitor refers to the additional electrolytic paper capacitance CA caused by the electrolytic paper impregnated with the electrolyte(black aluminum oxide), and the cathode capacitance C formed by the formation of Al2O3 on the surface of the cathode aluminum box and the oxide film as the medium(aluminium oxide suppliers). Other grinding procedures are also allowed to be used without affecting the test results.

The following analyzes the generation and impact of the secondary capacitance and measures to stabilize the secondary capacitance(pink aluminum oxide). This reason can be known from the analysis. Properly extend the aging time and change the aging method, such as adopting pulse aging or intermittent aging, and strengthening raw material inspection(white fused alumina micro powder). Properly tighten the leakage current factory internal control indicators(room temperature).(cheap white aluminum oxide sand factory ecuador)

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