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The instrument marks the scale according to the unit value of humidity(aluminium oxide polishing powder). The measurement range is from 0 to 1%, and the error is about 10%. The allowable thickness of the grinding wheel does not exceed 60 mm. The ABO-2 instrument has a series of shortcomings such as its limited humidity measurement range, low reliability of use(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). Therefore, its use has been restricted, and it is almost not used at present.

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For the abrasive industry, these shortcomings are also closely related to the characteristics of the material to be tested(low density white alumina). The above hygrometer has an adhesive sensor, which can be used to check the humidity of the grinding wheel(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). In the case where the thickness and wavelength of the sample to be tested can be agreed, the propagation process of UHF oscillations is more complicated due to interference phenomena.(cheap white aluminum oxide sand factory uk)

The above hygrometer is not actually used to test the humidity of silicon carbide and silicon carbide products, because it is a semiconductor material(white corundum). In recent years, in order to test the humidity of various materials, the UHF oscillation test method has been adopted, the so-called UHF method, mainly including the resonance method, the waveguide method, and the optical method(wholesale brown fused alumina). It is suitable for testing the humidity of the UHF oscillator of ceramic abrasives.

(cheap white aluminum oxide sand factory uk)The resonance method uses a cavity resonator(brown fused aluminum oxide). Put the materials to be inspected in it, indeed. When the UHF method is used to test multi-component media (such as molding materials), it is necessary to use known functional relationships (such as the Lichtenecker formula), which can determine the mixture according to the characteristics of the components added to the mixture Characteristics(white fused alumina oxide mfg), and difficulty in use in the workshop.

When measuring the humidity of various materials under production conditions, the most widely used is the free space measurement method(white fused alumina). The energy is divided into two parts: one part passes through the bridge arm with the test material, the other Through the bridge arm with calibrated attenuator and phase shifter(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). Lithium chloride solution is usually used, and its conductivity is related to humidity.(cheap white aluminum oxide sand factory uk)

The zero balance of the signal when the material is loaded and not is made during the measurement(black aluminum oxide). According to the indications of the phase shifter and the attenuator, the dielectric coefficient and loss tangent of the material to be tested are determined. At this time, the standard method for drawing the calibration scale chart is still the traditional drying method(brown fused alumina factory). It is jointly designed by the Abrasives Grinding Research Institute, etc.

(cheap white aluminum oxide sand factory uk)A similar device is about to be used in the factory for inspection and measurement of the humidity of abrasives and ceramic abrasive molding materials(white aluminum oxide). Thermoelectric sensors, semiconductor thermal resistances, or metal resistance thermometers are used as sensors in electrical dry hygrometers for temperature measurement(brown fused alumina 60 grit). The above device was tested in the laboratory of the Soviet Abrasives Grinding Research Institute.

To automatically measure the humidity of the gas, various methods described below can be used(pink aluminum oxide). The dry-wet bulb method consists in measuring the temperature difference between a dry thermometer and a thermometer that is in contact with an absorbent body that has absorbed moisture from the object to be inspected(brown fused alumina suppliers). The thermoelectric sensor is made into a thermopile shape, which is divided into two groups, one of which is hygroscopic.

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