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The seed crystal is introduced into the diaspore as the nucleus site(white fused alumina), and the uniformly dispersed nuclei can make The nucleation process is carried out at a temperature below 1200 ° C, reducing the nucleation barrier, significantly reducing the polycrystalline transition temperature of 8-Al2O3 → a-Al2O3(aluminum oxide grit), and can promote its formation of a fine-grained structure and promote the densification of the sintered body.

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It is believed that the lattice constant of the introduced seed crystal and the matrix is less than 5%, and the addition amount does not exceed 10%(pink aluminum oxide). The particle size of the seed crystal It is small enough, the specific surface area is> 60m2 / g, and the seed crystal must be uniformly dispersed in the whole sol, so that the seed crystal and the substrate have maximum surface contact, so that the seed crystal can play a better role(100 grit aluminum oxide white). It undergoes two processes of nucleation and growth.

Granular a-Al2O3, Y-Al2O3, C2O, a-Fe2O3 or precursors of these oxides, etc(white aluminum oxide). Another method for introducing seed crystals is to add them by ball milling. This method began with Yoshizawa Yoshizawa and others in Japan. They introduced a-Al203 abrasive debris to Al (OH) 3 as seed crystals through the loss of high-purity Al2O3 grinding balls(aluminum oxide abrasive). The hot-press sintering at 1400 ° C yielded a material with a fracture strength of 600 MPa and a fracture toughness of 7.9 MPam2.

Tsinghua University's Xie Zhipeng et al. Studied the subject further from the effects of the number of seed crystals on the microstructure and toughening mechanism(silicon carbide abrasive). They introduced high purity Al203 ball abrasive as a-Al2O3 seed crystals into Al (OH) 3 In this paper, a-Al2O3 ceramics with long columnar grains were prepared by hot-pressing and sintering at 1600 ° C and 40 MPa. In order to overcome the nucleation barrier of phase a(emery abrasive).

US Patent No. US5261930 also discusses the types of seed crystals and their effect on the microstructure refinement(white corundum). During heat treatment, boehmite undergoes a series of phase transformations to form a-Al2O3. The transition of 0-Al2O3 → a-Al2O3 is a lattice reconstruction type transition(black silicon carbide). And put forward the concept of seed crystal: the introduced seed crystal must have a crystal structure and lattice constant very similar to a-Al2O3.

Boehmite (y-A10OH) → y-Al2O3- + 8-A12O3 → 0-Al2O3 → a-Al2O3 According to the recombination of atoms in the phase transition process(brown fused alumina price), AlOOH-W in the polycrystalline transformation of Al2O3, y + 6, 6 → 0 The transformation of is an amorphous lattice reconstruction type transformation, which requires less energy to complete, so the phase transition temperature is lower(synthetic corundum). The flexural strength of corundum ceramic material was 630 MPa, and the fracture toughness reached 7.1 MPa-ml2.

Microwave sintering is a sintering method that uses the interaction between microwave and medium to heat the surface and inside of the ceramic body due to dielectric loss(black aluminum oxide). It requires a higher phase transition energy, and most of the energy is consumed in the nucleation process, so a higher temperature is required(green silicon carbide). In addition, in the preparation of corundum, both Rue and Turmbull studied the relationship between the structure of the seed crystal and the role of the seed crystal.

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