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The most prominent common advantage is to reduce the primary crystallization temperature (according to the same mass percentage, the effect of additives on reducing the primary crystallization temperature is LIF > MF > CAF > AF(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea). The third approach is to reuse magnesium chloride and / or Lithium chloride additives are of interest. 

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To control the oxidation residue concentration in such a narrow range(silicon carbide grit), an advanced control system is necessary, and the intelligent control system gradually developed in my country since the 1990s basically meets the requirements of low molecular ratio operation for alumina concentration control(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea). It is expensive(the following feed point)(sandblasting grit).

It can not only improve the current efficiency, but also directly play a beneficial role in the current efficiency or energy consumption index by improving other physical and chemical properties of the electrolyte(100 grit aluminum oxide). These quaternary additives have common advantages with aluminum chloride and can promote the growth of edge crusts, but aluminum atmosphere and chlorination tank do not have this characteristic(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea).

We know that the improvement of electrolyte composition is not only through reducing the initial product point of electrolyte (thus reducing the electrolyte temperature)(green silicon carbide). Because the melting point of basic aluminum is 660 ℃, in order to obtain liquid aluminum, the electrolysis temperature only needs to reach 800 ~ 80 ℃, which is about 150 ~ 180 ℃ higher than the melting point of aluminum(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea).

The decrease in the molecular ratio and the resulting decrease in the electrolyte temperature will cause the saturation concentration of alumina to decrease(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea). Magnesium chloride and calcium chloride can increase the interfacial tension between electrolyte and class, so they can reduce the penetration of electrolyte in cathode washing block and improve the service life, while aluminum chloride is just the opposite(glass bead blasting media suppliers).

Lithium chloride(pink corundum), magnesium chloride and calcium chloride not only reduce the solubility of lead oxide, but also directly reduce the dissolution rate of alumina, while aluminum chloride has no direct effect on the dissolution rate of lead oxide (it only indirectly affects the dissolution rate of alumina by reducing the electrolyte temperature)(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea). The electrolyte temperature must be several degrees higher than the melting point(aluminum oxide sandblasting).

Due to the common characteristics of the above additives (both reduce the initial product temperature and reduce the solubility of alumina), the total content of these additives in the electrolyte is limited (in particular, the natural accumulation of calcium chloride has reached about 5%, so it is generally not added to the non start-up tank(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), but this factor should be considered when using additives with similar properties)(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea).

One composition is often popular for a while(aluminium oxide powder), and then it is gradually changed to another composition, while the original composition is still adopted by many factories(e.g. 10 ~ 15 ℃)(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea). To achieve such a low electrolysis temperature, it may require major changes to the current electrolysis process (including aluminum electrolyte system, electrode material, and electrolysis plant structure, such as chlorine money)(black aluminum oxide).

Magnesium chloride and calcium chloride increase the viscosity and density of electrolyte, which is not conducive to the separation of carbon and aluminum flavor from electrolyte (damaging current efficiency) The opposite is true for aluminum chloride and lithium fluoride(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea). Therefore, judging from the history of aluminum electrolysis for more than 100 years(abrasive blast media), the evolution of electrolyte composition is gradual.

With the continuous progress of computer control system(aluminum oxide suppliers usa), what kind of electrolyte composition (what molecular ratio) does the factory adopt in the same period And temperature, depending on the type of electrolytic cell in each plant, feeding mode adopted, alumina variety and source used, automation degree and level of operating equipment and automatic control system(aluminum oxide sandblast media), concept and operation level of operators, etc(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea).

In addition(brown fused alumina), the electrolyte also contains some other ingredients (such as the element Ca in the raw material of oxidized steel, which naturally accumulates about 5% of CaF2 in the electrolyte), which reduces the initial product point of the electrolyte to 930°C to 945°C, and the corresponding electrolyte temperature is reduced to 945℃~955℃(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea). This means that additives must be taken or matched in a certain proportion.

Potassium hydride has the advantage that several other additives do not possess(steel grid), that is, it can increase the conductivity of the electrolyte, so it is often used to strengthen the current, or to reduce the cell voltage in areas where the electricity price is expensive, but it also has its "unique" shortcomings(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). When the molecular ratio is 2.35 and the electrolyte temperature is 945℃, the saturation concentration of lead oxide is only 7%(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea). 

The chance of precipitation will increase, because on the one hand, the dissolution rate of copper oxide decreases with it(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea); on the other hand, the "accommodating capacity" of the electrolyte decreases, and the oxidation concentration in the local electrolyte becomes saturated(aluminum oxide blast media canada). For example, after adding magnesium chloride (2~3.5%) and/or lithium chloride (1L5~25%), the molecular ratio generally cannot be reduced below 24.

As the alumina concentration approaches the saturation concentration, when the alumina raw material added from a certain part is not dispersed in time, the alumina concentration in the local electrolyte reaches supersaturation, resulting in precipitation(aluminium oxide blast media). Taking into account the above reasons, the alumina concentration is controlled in a region that is significantly lower than the saturated agricultural degree(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea).

When the alumina concentration reaches the saturation concentration(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), the continuous feeding will cause precipitation, or the alumina will float in the electrolyte in solid form, which will also cause the material balance to be broken(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea). Therefore, the requirement for strict control of the alumina concentration in the electrolyte is caused by the requirements of low temperature, low molecular ratio, and low effect coefficient(corundum sand).

Under such conditions, to achieve neither effect nor precipitation, flue gas purification mode and level, it is generally believed that the oxidation concentration should be controlled at 1.5~ Within 3.5% of the area(garnet sand). The reason for the constant "swing" in the choice of these additives is mainly because the different characteristics of these additives are that magnesium chloride and calcium chloride are a kind of mineralizer(cheap white aluminum oxide suppliers south korea).

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