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It was completed and put into production on October 1, 1954(white corundum). In 1950, China's first misoxidation factory began. Focusing on the research on the characteristics of the fine thermal electromagnetic force and the mathematical model of the magnetic fluid in aluminum electrolysis, extensive and in-depth research has been carried out in the aspects of technology(chrome corundum), the first lead processing plant, process control and matching techniques.

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Since the 1990s, a series of results have been achieved in basic theory, large-scale aluminum electrolytic cell development(black silicon carbide), development status and engineering application, and successfully developed super large electrolytic cell technology of 280kA and 320kA. The technological progress of the aluminum industry is impressive(silicon carbide 180 grit). In 1958, the State "Instructions on Vigorously Developing the Steel and Aluminum Industry" was promulgated.(cheap white corundum 180 mesh suppliers philippines)

Therefore, in 1949, the total annual output of lead in the country was only 10 tons(green silicon carbide). In 1049, the first domestic electrolytic button company arrived in the Shunbu factory. Per capita aluminum consumption reached 9.7kg, exceeding the world average of 6.1kx, ranking first in the world for 5 consecutive years. So that China's capital industry has been vigorously developed(aluminium oxide blasting). Set up Wanfang and other powerful electrolytic aluminum gold plates.

(cheap white corundum 180 mesh suppliers philippines)It was constructed and put into production in 1954(white aluminum oxide). In 1953, the construction of the Northeast Light Alloy Processing Plant, and it was completed and put into operation in 1056. Therefore, the development of these 8 years has made the initial formation of China's industrial system. Before the founding of New China, China's capital industry was blank(white aluminum oxide powder). Heshan N, the total amount of aluminum ore in these four provinces accounted for about 0% of the country.

In 2006(pink corundum), the development of large-capacity electrolysis concentrates above 400kA and the successful research and development of full-current stop fan technology enabled China's auxiliary electrolysis technology to reach the international advanced level. So Nan Niang Liang has given full play to the advantages of the rich soil and coal resources(garnet suppliers), and vigorously develops the mode of coal-electricity-copper joint operation, and oxidation, electrolysis, and unloading.(cheap white corundum 180 mesh suppliers philippines)

In 2008, my country’s oxidation phase output reached 2*780,000 tons(black corundum), electrolytic aluminum output 13.176 million tons, lead processing output reached 14.27 million tons, raw brocade consumption was 12.7 million tons, oxidation phase production for two consecutive years, electrolytic lead production In the following year, the lead processing material production has ranked first in the industry for 4 consecutive years(white aluminum oxide abrasive), and the electrolysis industry's flour grains changed.

(cheap white corundum 180 mesh suppliers philippines)The production of electrolysis requires a large amount of electric energy, and large electric energy is not suitable for long-distance transmission(white fused alumina). Mineral resources and abundant electricity are important factors for the development of electrolytic aluminum. The distribution of aluminum ore in my country is relatively concentrated, mainly in the south of the network, Guizhou, and Guangsi(garnet abrasive). China's aluminum industry gradually developed after the founding of New China.

Especially after 2000, China's electrolytic aluminum production technology has obtained the flying medicine of Feiyi(brown fused aluminum oxide), started, materials, and the design and production related auxiliary standards have reached the international advanced level, which has further promoted the increase of China's aluminum output(artificial corundum). The output in 2010 reached 3.3632 million tons. The development of the electrolytic cap industry relies on abundant resources and energy.(cheap white corundum 180 mesh suppliers philippines)

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