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Cheap White Corundum 220 Mesh Manufacturers South Africa

The relative sliding speed of the journal in the bearing is 0.04-0.08m/s and the maximum load is 12n(white corundum). There is no dynamic load and the rotation is uniform. In this case, the shaft frequency and bearing surface have a strong gluing. At the same time, due to the expected deformation(emery abrasive), a certain depth of deformation strengthening layer is formed on the surface of the metal, and the bonding failure mainly occurs in the soft metal side.

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Both sides of the friction pair tear and produce metal debris(white fused alumina). The streamline is arranged along the friction direction, forming a certain degree of structure. In the process of friction, the transfer between the main connecting rod and the shaft sleeve occurs. After heat treatment, the friction surface is keyed(green silicon carbide). The increase of sliding velocity and phase pressure is helpful to the occurrence and development of this kind of wear.(cheap white corundum 220 mesh manufacturers south africa)

The hardness of aluminum alloy is hb76. In the later movement, the wear debris may adhere to the metal surface, and they will be repeatedly rolled(brown fused alumina price). Some particles remain between the friction pairs, while others peel off in the process of friction. In this way, in the soft metal side, there will be strong dew wear, the surface becomes rough(aluminum oxide abrasive). Obvious plastic flow occurs at a certain depth of the metal surface. The main connecting rod is made of 40CrNiMo steel.

When the shaft rotates smoothly in the shell, the surface of aluminum alloy is destroyed and the debris adheres to the surface of steel shaft with high strength(white aluminum oxide). The chromium feed layer of the main connecting rod appears sharp phenomenon, and the falling dross adheres to the soft surface layer of the shaft sleeve(silicon carbide 180 grit). That is to say, the scuffing failure does not occur on the 40CrNiMo steel, but occurs on the hard coating because of the brittleness of the coating.

(cheap white corundum 220 mesh manufacturers south africa)The composition of the journal surface was analyzed by spectroscopic method, and it was found that this kind of gluing did not cause obvious change in composition(black corundum). The main connecting rod of aircraft engine and its shaft sleeve also have the first kind of gluing. The hardness of electroplated coating is HRC60, the material of shaft sleeve is 15 steel, and the surface hardness is HB160(black silicon carbide). The second type of scuffing is also a common form of wear.

The results show that the internal stress of both sides of the friction pair increases significantly, but there is no phase transformation(pink corundum). The speed regulating shaft and its shell of aeroengine also bear the first kind of scuffing wear. The speed regulating shaft is made of 12CrNi3A steel, and the shell is made of cast aluminum alloy(aluminum oxide grit). The hardness of the steel is HRC55 (it has been infiltrated, Quenched and tempered at low temperature in advance).(cheap white corundum 220 mesh manufacturers south africa)

When working, it can bear dynamic load and the local contact stress can reach 500MPa(silicon carbide abrasive). Plastic deformation and surface hardening occurred on the surface of steel shaft. When a large number of failed machine parts are comprehensively analyzed, it is found that the first type of gluing occurs when the relative sliding speed is not high (0.5 m / s), the surface temperature is low (100 ℃)(synthetic corundum), and there are non oxidized metal debris on the friction surface.

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