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Cheap White Corundum 320 Mesh Suppliers Saudi Arabia

If there is oxide film, water or dirt on the metal surface(white corundum), the molecular gravity between them will be hundreds of times lower than that of the clean gold pot surface, so that the friction system will be significantly reduced. In the state of boundary lubrication, the two contact surfaces are separated by a wonderful oil film (from a molecular layer to 0.1pm)(240 grit aluminum oxide). The retarder can also be firmly adsorbed on the friction surface.

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A domain of oleic acid contains about 1400 molecules, which are formed by electromagnetic force(white aluminum oxide). It is believed that the boundary film has semiconductor properties. Therefore, the resistance to the action of "plough frame" squeezed into each other. Layered materials and soft metal can be used as solid lubricating films(black silicon carbide). Adding aqueous solution of surfactant to lubricating oil can thicken the boundary hole and reduce the wear obviously.

(cheap white corundum 320 mesh suppliers saudi arabia)In some contact points which suffer the maximum plastic deformation or produce local high temperature, the boundary film may be destroyed(white fused alumina), which will lead to the direct contact of metal and increase the sliding resistance. In the 1960s, Soviet scholars had proposed a hypothesis that oil molecules in the boundary membrane could aggregate into "eyes"(emery abrasive). The common materials of the former are stone and MOS.

In the early days, people thought that the friction coefficient was a constant of a material, and the simplest definition of friction was(brown fused alumina price). The thermal stability of the boundary film formed by bottom mineral oil is poor, so it is necessary to add organic compounds such as sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine to improve its activity(green silicon carbide). This boundary layer or boundary mode can reduce the sheet grazing force by 2-10 times.

At the same time, it has another function, that is, under the action of local high temperature(black corundum), the compound can decompose and interact with the metal surface to form films of iron sulfide, iron phosphide and ferric chloride. They can avoid direct contact of metals, reduce friction and prevent further increase of friction temperature(synthetic corundum). Although the general mineral oil is a non-verbal hydrocarbon composition.(cheap white corundum 320 mesh suppliers saudi arabia)

In addition, the carbon chloride compound formed on the surface of steel can work up to 300-400 ℃(pink corundum). If the temperature exceeds this temperature, it will melt or decompose. The melting and melting degree of sulfide must be high, and the sliding ability can be maintained to 800(aluminum oxide grit). The boundary film must have high compressive strength and low shear strength to play a sealing and lubricating role. They all have very low shear strength.

(cheap white corundum 320 mesh suppliers saudi arabia)However, the friction force is larger than that of pure rolling(silicon carbide abrasive). It can be seen that they all have hexagonal structure, and the character constants along the c-axis are greater than those along the U-axis. Therefore, the bonding strength between layers is lower than that between atoms within ten scenes, and the shear strength between layers must be stronger(aluminum oxide abrasive). Soft metals such as lead, tin and steel are commonly used in the latter.

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