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That is to say(white corundum), these four kinds of voltage are only limited to the management of dry production site, but in the actual calculation, the average voltage is the sum of the working voltage, and other voltages, which is the actual daily operating voltage of the electrolyzer in the true sense(low soda alumina). Taking less than 10 MV as the control target, two formulas are obtained.  In fact, through the optimization of technical conditions.

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The auxiliary power consumption is used to calculate the DC power consumption(black silicon carbide). The anode pressure drop consists of fixture pressure drop, guide rod pressure drop and explosion bus voltage drop. The pressure drop of steel claw, steel carbon and rotating block is composed of(silicon carbide grit). The high degree of superheat causes the side protection to melt, the furnace side wave poison, the level current increases, and the current efficiency decreases.(cheap white corundum abrasive suppliers ukraine)

Full voltage (V), which is the sum of the effect sharing voltage and the working voltage(white aluminum oxide). The difference between the average voltage and the set voltage represents the stability of the cell. In order to obtain low power consumption in production, the voltage should be kept as low as possible(240 grit aluminum oxide), the effect sharing voltage, and the high efficiency is achieved by maintaining a high polar distance, which is a contradictory phenomenon on the surface.

(cheap white corundum abrasive suppliers ukraine)It is mainly used as an indicator of voltage assessment in electrolysis workshop, no matter how the set voltage changes(green silicon carbide). The deviation voltage should always be controlled within the required range. The target voltage (vawx), which is a standard for voltage management(180 grit aluminum oxide), is set by the manager according to the operation status of the electrolytic cell at the end of each month, which is the target value achieved by the plastic industry.

The working voltage (V +) or net voltage refers to the sum of the quality degradation between the incoming and outgoing ends of the electrolytic cell(white fused alumina). The overheating degree, the thickness of the side protection, the poor thermal stability of the electrolytic machinery, the increase of the effect coefficient and the cold stroke(white fused aluminium oxide). It can also carry better effect. VAAs refers to the loss of some of the insulated parts of the earth and electrolytic signals.(cheap white corundum abrasive suppliers ukraine)

Under the condition of stable current intensity, voltage management is to adjust the thermal balance, and the change of voltage is realized by the change of step distance(brown fused alumina price). The high energy of voltage determines the energy consumption, and the high polar distance determines the current efficiency to a certain extent(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). The EES of V refers to the sorting value of voltage drop consumption of bus bar in series production.

(cheap white corundum abrasive suppliers ukraine)The voltage range set by the computer building is controlled and can be adjusted, but the operation status of the auxiliary cell should be monitored(black corundum). Vaeaas refers to the precise value of the voltage drop from the rectifier station to the first column bus in the plant, the last bus around the trough to the rectifier station(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media), the district bus in the workshop and the southern power consumption of the Guangfang connection line station.

If the boundary voltage is higher, the heat gain of electrolytic cell increases(pink corundum), resulting in heat accumulation in cotton, forcing the upper guard to melt and thin, and reducing the hot yang. vice versa. The thickness of the furnace side has a great relationship with the over complexing degree(60 grit aluminum oxide). The setting voltage (VAW) is that the manager gives each electrolytic cell a voltage setting value according to the transmission conditions.(cheap white corundum abrasive suppliers ukraine)

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