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Since the directional growth, the thickness of the newly formed complexing layer is between 0.2 mm and 1 mm(white fused alumina). The height of mixing chamber is mainly considered from two aspects: gas mixing is uniform; nozzle temperature is not too high. Then, the crystal growth by editing method can be divided into natural growth and variety specific growth(emery abrasive). The cochlear augmentation material with high temperature above 2030 ℃ is very expensive.

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The temperature gradient at the lower surface of the melting layer (i.e. the wake-up liquid interface) is large, and the transformation of liquid phase to solid phase occurs at this position(white aluminum oxide). With the drop of the supporting column, the crystal grows up. Like other liquid ring growth, the smaller the temperature gradient from the surface to the bottom of the melting layer is required(synthetic corundum). This process is random, and many buds are formed at the same time.(cheap white corundum manufacturers brazil)

The so-called non conservative process means that the material can be added to the melting zone by any process during the whole growth period of the product(white corundum). The solvent here refers to alumina, and solute refers to colorants or other additives. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that the color uniformity of the book color body grown by flame melting method is better than that of the crystal grown by conservative system(aluminum oxide grit). The whole transgressive layer is in "supercooling" state.

(cheap white corundum manufacturers brazil)The flame melting method does not need crucible collapse or other heating elements(brown fused alumina price). However, the color agent is still uneven in the actual results, which is mainly due to the extremely unstable temperature field of the flame melting device. The so-called natural growth means that the molten alumina drops on the top of the supporting column(aluminum oxide abrasive). Due to the "supercooled" surface, the product nucleates and develops the finished product buds.

This kind of natural growth mode is very inconvenient, and the yield of finished products is also low, so it is basically not used(black aluminum oxide). Directional growth is a great progress in flame melting technology. The seeds are installed on the top of the supporting column. Before growing, the top of the variety is melted, and then the lowest oxidation is floated on it(black silicon carbide). The product is grown according to the growth surface determined by the variety.(cheap white corundum manufacturers brazil)

The success rate of the flame melting technology and the quality of the crystal are guaranteed(pink aluminum oxide). Different from other growth methods, Ju melting method does not need crucible collapse, which is a great advantage of its carbon. There are a lot of technical and technological difficulties in the use of field augmentation(green silicon carbide). In order not to oxidize the additive material, the whole system is required to be in vacuum state, so the device becomes complicated.

(cheap white corundum manufacturers brazil)Therefore, the product growth by melting method is to make the product material (powder) change or melt through hydrogen oxygen flame, and then drop on the supporting column, and then complete the liquid one circle conversion(silicon carbide abrasive). Therefore, the device becomes simple and can be finished in atmosphere without vacuum(white alumina powder). The hydrogen and oxygen fuel used in the flame melting method is very pure, and the combustion reaction can only generate water, so the product is not polluted.

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