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The special ones are rectifier transformer(white corundum), China (frame) transformer, self copper transformer (voltage regulator), small power transformer with manual automatic control system, etc. In addition, at present, due to the special number of rigid poles in the electrolytic production, it should bring some negative changes to the DC production(aluminum oxide abrasive). Manually install the isolation transformer of low voltage system. 

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The electrolytic fine power supply system is composed of main power supply equipment such as power supply line, high voltage distribution(black silicon carbide), star current transformer group, rectifier device, power transformer, workshop substation and distribution station, as well as auxiliary time equipment such as protection device, measuring device and stable current system(white fused alumina micro powder). The main function of the power transformer is to provide power for ten production workshops of the electrolysis plant.

(cheap white corundum manufacturers ecuador)Generally, the transformer is of oil immersed self cooling or forced oil air cooling structure(pink corundum). The structure of the transformer is simple and the operation is reliable. With the large-scale development of aluminum electrolytic concentrate, the capacity of rheometer is also increasing(aluminum oxide grit).  In order to meet the needs of DC output, it is used to change the voltage of AC power grid into a voltage of a certain size and number of phases for rectification.

In order to ensure safety, it is a special kind of transformer in electrolytic aluminum plant to use two separate operation transformers or one for standby and one rectifier transformer(white aluminum oxide). The transformer not only has a special structure, but also bears more than 5% of the total load of the aluminum plant(aluminium oxide suppliers). It is an important equipment of the aluminum electrolysis power supply system, and it is an important part of the rectifier equipment.(cheap white corundum manufacturers ecuador)

 It is equipped with phase-shifting group, filter winding and high-power rectifier, which usually needs more pulse number(black corundum). The rectifier transformer of large capacity electrolytic aluminum plant gives the impression of direct cracking that the volume of the rectifier transformer is huge, and the weight of the rectifier transformer of large-scale electrolytic aluminum plant can reach 350 pure up and down(garnet abrasive). After the grid current is more straight.

(cheap white corundum manufacturers ecuador)Due to the characteristics of electrolytic silver production, there is no multi-stage inter pressure in the secondary side(brown fused aluminum oxide). Generally, there are 29 levels of voltage regulation and 107 levels of voltage regulation. For example, the type of transformer on the right side of the flat cover of the transformer group used in the power system of the electrolysis plant(brown aluminum oxide blast media), such as dry-type transformer, oil immersed transformer, forced circuit transformer, etc.

When a unit is out of operation due to fault, the other five sets of rectifier units in parallel operation can also ensure the stable output of DC current(white fused alumina). In order to ensure the current stability in the electrolytic production in this period, the rectifier transformer is equipped with self saturable reactor, the on load voltage regulating switch is used(garnet suppliers), the switch is used for coarse adjustment, and the self saturable reactor is used for fine adjustment.(cheap white corundum manufacturers ecuador)

The capacity of 330ka series rectifier transformer is about 100mva(green silicon carbide). Generally, the purpose of phase shifting is to make a phase shift between the voltages of the same terminal line of the secondary winding of the rectifier transformer. Because the current of rectifier transformer unit is non positive and strong, it contains more than one high-order nobe(white alumina grit), in order to reduce the harmonic pollution to the power grid and improve the power factor.

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