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With the aid of additives, liquid phase is formed at low temperature, which promotes sintering(white fused alumina). Resin bonded grinding wheel has high machining efficiency. If the powder is heated and pressurized, the main reason of the whole singeing machine is to shift from diffusion to plastic flow. In this way, sintering can be carried out at a lower temperature, resulting in less air holes and dense microstructure(black corundum). The principle is explained by other books.

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At present, hip device with capacity of 600 × 2000mm can be used. Limited by the mold material, the pressure is generally limited to about 300kg / cm(pink corundum). The disadvantage of hot pressing method is that it can only produce products with very simple shape, long process cycle and low production efficiency. However, the application of this method in high temperature ceramics is still in the experimental stage(black silicon carbide). Control technology is the key to the performance of hip.

(cheap white corundum manufacturers japan)It is expected that the hot isostatic pressing method can obtain better pressure sintering effect than the hot forming method(white aluminum oxide). Compared with cold isostatic pressing (CIP), hot isostatic pressing (hip) is a method of replacing rubber mold with glass and metal box sealed container(aluminum oxide abrasive), using gas instead of liquid, and simultaneously applying uniform high pressure and high temperature to powder in sealed container and sintering.

According to the information obtained by installing the temperature sensor in the hip device, the heating and pressurizing mechanism is controlled by a microprocessor(silicon carbide abrasive). Therefore, the methods to reduce the sintering temperature during sintering are adding sintering aids, pressure sintering and using easy sintering powder(aluminum oxide grit). The maximum temperature of the thermal isostatic method can reach 2000 ℃ and the maximum pressure is about 2000kg / cm.

The die material is mainly graphite which is stable at high temperature(white corundum). The disadvantage of hot isostatic pressing process is that repeated heating and cooling are needed every time, so the productivity is low. If the raw material powder can be continuously treated in the future, the production cost will be greatly reduced(synthetic corundum). This method is a suitable sintering method for silicon nitride (SIN) and silicon carbide (SIC) non oxide ceramics.(cheap white corundum manufacturers japan)

The advantage of the reaction sintering method is that high purity ceramics can be made(green silicon carbide), and the products with complex shapes can be accurately sintered because the size of the green body is almost unchanged. In order to realize uniform heating and shorten the time of temperature rise and fall, a magnetic fan device is being developed to rotate the fan in the vessel from the outside of the vessel(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). In practice, the powder treatment of ceramic chips is carried out by means of a combination of these methods.

(cheap white corundum manufacturers japan)The main disadvantage of this method is that the Si vapor and N2 gas involved in the reaction need to be infiltrated into the green body(brown fused alumina price), so it is difficult to get a fully dense green body; in addition, the sintering reaction can not enter into the thick wall green body, so this method is only suitable for manufacturing thin-walled products(emery abrasive). According to the statistics of 1982, there are 330 hip devices in the world, of which 80% are used for research.

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