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The bulk density of the product added with burnt charcoal(glass beads manufacturers), coke or anthracite is 1.2-1.5g/em, the bulk density of the product added with human essence is 0.8-1.2g/cm, and the bulk density of the product added with styrene pellet of hairdressing is 0.6-1.2g/em(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). In the production of alumina lightweight brick by the loss on ignition method, vibration pressing method and plastic forming method can be used.

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The particle sizes of the grading balls were 40.2-imm, ol-2mm, 42-3mm and 43-5mm, respectively(aluminum oxide grit). When heating to 1500 ℃, the strength of the green body will be improved obviously. The volume density of alumina lightweight brick made by the loss on ignition method varies greatly according to the type of loss on ignition(silicon carbide grit), mechanical pressing method, such as 1.0-1.5g/em according to the volume density of the end product.

(cheap white corundum manufacturers mexico)Therefore, in the stage of removing chemical water and decomposition of aluminum sulfate, it is necessary to pay attention to the heating rate properly(white fused alumina). When the products are fired, they are fired with the erection brick. The height of the loading capacity can be determined according to the strength of the green body, generally 0.4-0.6m(100 grit aluminum oxide). The drying time is 35-50h, and the moisture content after drying is less than 5%.

In the process of burning or burning, add the wood chips to reduce the lost material(white aluminum oxide). Because of the low temperature of burning loss, the temperature should be increased slowly at 200 ~ 300 ℃. With other lost materials, such as charcoal, coke, stone sleeve coke, etc., oxidation and combustion are also started between 500-1100 ℃(steel shot abrasive), which requires slow temperature rise, while maintaining strong oxidation air texture in the dense.(cheap white corundum manufacturers mexico)

The firing temperature of the product is between 1400 ~ 1600 ℃, and it needs to be kept for 4 ~ 6h. As the total shrinkage of the brick is large, ranging from 9% to 15%, and the three directions are different, the brick is easy to produce large deformation, so the products after firing are shaped and processed(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), and the relationship between the number of people added and the shrinkage after firing is shown in the figure.

(cheap white corundum manufacturers mexico)The raw materials are fed into the pear mixer and moistened by continuous water spraying(brown fused alumina price). The moisture content reaches 26% ~ 28%, and the bulk density is 1.65g/cm. In the former Soviet Union, a fire-resistant factory used clay and fused Suiyu as raw materials, with sawn screen and lignin as the burning loss plus figures(120 grit aluminum oxide). Due to the large moisture content in the green body, special care should be taken during the midday drying.

The mixture is made by a double shaft mixer, then the mud is extruded into strips by a mud extruder, then cut into rough billets, and then shaped by a press or artificial(silicon carbide price). The brick is dried in the tunnel for 42h in a dense drying process. The temperature of the brick returning population is 42 ℃, the outlet temperature is 120-140 ℃(glass bead abrasive), and the residual moisture of the brick is not more than 5% Its firing temperature is 1350 ℃.(cheap white corundum manufacturers mexico)

Clay and fused geyu are proportioned according to weight(aluminum oxide abrasive), loss on ignition additives are proportioned according to volume, and the light brick produced by loss on ignition additives is called poly light brick for short. When pressure vibration is used to form light bricks, the materials shall be mixed on a wet roller or a single roller sand mixer(garnet abrasive price). The firing temperature of the products is 1500-1600 ℃; mullite crystal is formed at 1250 ℃.

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