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In the active environment, the engineering metal surface is mostly machined and then grinded or polished(black aluminum oxide blast media). The number of peaks is determined by the wave crest when the adjacent trough exceeds a certain depth(such as sulfide and nitride film). The mean curvature radius of the peak is related to the height distribution and the plasticity index, that is to say, it is related to the elastoplasticity at contact(black aluminium oxide), it is expressed as R.

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The engineering metal surface layer has strong plastic deformation and work hardening in the process of machining(white corundum). Due to the melting and flowing of the molecular layer in the cutting process, the outermost layer is hardened into microcrystalline or non product structure layer, which is called bainite layer(white aluminum oxide blast media). Then there are severe deformation layer and slight deformation layer. The distance between peaks is very important.(cheap white corundum manufacturers south africa)

In addition to the chemical corrosion film, there are adsorption film(pink corundum). The active calcium content accounts for about 1 / 3 of the alloy. It can effectively deoxidize and remove sulfur in molten iron, and has the ability to combine with nitrogen and hydrogen. The graphitization ability of the alloy is about twice as that of fesi75 ferrosilicon, and the inhibition effect of chill is very stable(white fused alumina price). The number of peaks per unit length should be calculated.

Most metals are oxidized to form a layer of oxide film on the surface of the atmosphere, and other surface films can be formed according to different environmental conditions(white fused alumina). These chemical membranes have great influence on the nature of the surface interaction, while the actual effect is quite different from the nature of the membrane(glass bead blasting media suppliers). If the total height from the highest peak to the lowest trough is determined from a trace.

(cheap white corundum manufacturers south africa)The geometry or texture of metal surface depends on the characteristics of metal surface processing method(black corundum). Even if the surface is carefully machined, it is still uneven under the microscope. In this situation, the roughness is often used. In addition to the good periodic texture of some surfaces produced by cutting, the distribution of the height and spacing of the surface texture is random(steel grid). In addition, there are oil and lipid membranes.

From the statistical point of view, the description of different types of surface texture can be from simple average form to complex correlation function(white aluminum oxide). The two most commonly used height parameters are the cla value of roughness, which is the mean height of the median line and RMS value, which is the root mean square height(garnet suppliers). The RMS value is generally about 1.1 times of CLA value. There are also several parameters for height.

E.J. Abbot measured the percentage of the length in the contour above the lowest point of the surface profile, and made the curve of the supporting area of the profile(brown fused aluminum oxide). This is helpful to clarify the relative movement of two surfaces under the action of load(garnet abrasive). The other is to select the average value of several total heights, such as the ten point height R, that is to select the average value of five peaks and five lowest valleys on all recorded traces.(cheap white corundum manufacturers south africa)

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