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The earthwork fence shall be set at the edge of the borrow area and the spoil heap(arc fused alumina), and a certain height of fence shall be built around the construction site to reduce the dust diffusion range. During the design and construction of the project, the construction wastewater mainly includes the waste water generated from washing construction machinery, tools and ground(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16), cement mortar, lime slurry waste liquid and foundation pit drainage.

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During the construction, the retaining wall at the toe of the slope shall be well prepared, and the side slope protection shall be well done(silicon carbide companies). When there are fences, the dust can be reduced by 40% and vehicle exhaust can be reduced by 30% under the same conditions(brown fused alumina powder). After taking the above measures, the dust in the construction period will not have a great impact on the surrounding environment, and will disappear with the completion of the construction.(cheap white corundum manufacturers usa)

The mixing station shall be set far away from the residential area, and the cement mortar shall be mixed in the temporary shed(pink aluminum oxide). When adding cement, it shall be close to the mixing mouth as far as possible, and the feeding speed shall be slow, so as to reduce the cement dust. When mortar and concrete must be mixed on site, it should not be sprinkled, leaked or left over(aluminium oxide polishing compound). Concrete mixing should be installed in the shed, and spray should be carried out when mixing.

Commercial concrete should be preferred(black aluminum oxide). It should not be over loaded, and cover and seal measures should be taken as far as possible to reduce the scattering along the way, timely clean the soil and building materials scattered on the ground, wash the tires and regularly spray water to prevent dust, so as to reduce the dust during transportation(white aluminum oxide lapping compound). Under the condition of the same cleanliness, the slower the speed, the smaller the dust emission.

(cheap white corundum manufacturers usa)The sand, stone, cement and other materials scattered on the construction site should be cleaned in time(white fused alumina), and the roads in the sand and gravel yard should be watered regularly to suppress dust. When the construction vehicles enter the construction site, they need to slow down to reduce the dust on the construction site(brown corundum abrasive). The exhaust gas generated by the use of paints and coatings in the process of decoration engineering mainly contains benzene series.

At this time, the amount of dust can be reduced to 1 / 3 of the normal driving speed (15km / h)(white aluminum oxide). On the other hand, the time of idling, deceleration and acceleration can be shortened, and the normal operation time can be increased, so as to reduce the impact of vehicle exhaust emissions on the surrounding environment. When loading and unloading earthwork(white aluminum oxide powder), the earthwork in the vehicle should be controlled to be lower than the carriage baffle, so as to reduce the scattering on the way.

If green environmental protection coatings and paints are used, the waste gas generated will have no impact on the surrounding environment. All kinds of waste gas from fuel oil produced by construction machinery are fugitive and unorganized emissions, and the emissions vary with the performance of the equipment(aluminium oxide suppliers). The use of advanced equipment and clean fuel can reduce the emission of pollutants, which will not affect the environment.(cheap white corundum manufacturers usa)

It is recommended that the driving speed should not be greater than 5km / h(brown fused alumina price). The cooling water and washing water for the operation of various construction machinery and equipment, as well as the waste water generated from the construction site cleaning, building materials cleaning, concrete maintenance, and equipment hydraulic test, etc., which contains a certain amount of oil and mud sand(fused alumina). The transport vehicles should be in good condition. 

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