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The appearance quality of the castings shall be inspected by naked eyes (using a magnifying glass below 10 times) and appropriate test methods(white corundum). The roughness rating of the non-machined surface of the pin can be carried out according to GB6060.1-5. The physical properties of special parts, such as fracture, metallographic structure, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, etc.(alumina grit), are collected according to special technical standards.

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After the storage parts are welded and repaired, all three types of parts are inspected visually for the quality of the repair(aluminum oxide grit). The inspection product shall not be less than twice the weld repair area. After the castings are repaired by welding, non-destructive inspection shall be carried out on the detailed internal organs(150 grit aluminum oxide). The inspection area shall not be less than twice the welding repair area. The mark shall be stamped on the label of each batch of castings.(cheap white corundum powder suppliers germany)

When castings are required to be inspected for elegant powder in the order contract, they shall be inspected according to relevant standards after early repair(white fused alumina). Class I castings shall be subjected to X-ray inspection according to the drawings. When castings are randomly inspected by X-ray inspection according to a certain proportion(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers), the number of slaps should be calculated according to the number of sold pieces poured in each melting furnace.

(cheap white corundum powder suppliers germany)When the casting X-ray inspection is unqualified, double the number should be used for drills(pink aluminum oxide). If it is still unqualified, all sodium parts will be tested. Inspection of the gold part of the repair welding part of the 1st type parts. After repair welding of Class I parts, spot check shall be conducted according to a certain proportion(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). X-ray detection and balance are carried out according to HB/260. Low-power inspection is carried out according to HB5210.

If one smelting furnace requires castings in the same heat treatment state(white aluminum oxide), heat treatment is performed in different heat treatment furnaces, and the sample of the furnace has been inspected and qualified in one heat treatment furnace(120 grit aluminum oxide), then another heat treatment furnace The castings of this melting furnace can be submitted for acceptance according to the qualified samples of any melting furnace in the same heat treatment furnace.(cheap white corundum powder suppliers germany)

Pin parts that require compactness shall be tested for leakage according to the pressure medium (gas, water, oil, etc.), medium temperature(black aluminum oxide), holding time, and pressure specified in the drawings or special technical documents. There is no stipulation in the standard, and the items that have been agreed between the supplier and the buyer and indicated in the order to be guaranteed are called the agreement guarantee conditions(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The welded pins shall meet the requirements of this article.

(cheap white corundum powder suppliers germany)When the castings are required to undergo radiographic inspection in the order contract(brown fused alumina price), for the leaked poems in the shell test, the retraction depth of the cotton patch exceeds 20% of the wall or 25mm (whichever is less) or the retreat area of the weld patch For parts larger than 55em, weld repairs should be inspected separately according to relevant standards(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit). The finished castings should be marked with the seal of the supplier’s technical inspection department and sent out in the oil tank.

After negotiating between the supplier and the wrong party, the small castings can be marked as old(white aluminium oxide). For castings with a weld repair depth exceeding 20% of the war thickness or 25mm (whichever is small), a casting with a weld repair area of not more than 5cm, or a casting with a missing surface found in the shell test(low sodium white fused alumina), the welding repair shall be performed after welding according to the process Perform stress relief or heat treatment.(cheap white corundum powder suppliers germany)

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