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Cheap White Corundum Sand Wholesale Price Russia

There are many kinds of catalysts for synthetic diamond, whether at home or abroad, according to their own resources(aluminum oxide grit). As for sheet metal or alloy catalyst, it is generally processed into strip by smelting and pressure, and then it is delivered for use after being punched into round piece by punch(glass bead blasting media suppliers). At present, domestic catalysts for synthetic diamond are lamellar NiMnCo alloy catalysts. The smelting process is briefly introduced below.

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Smelting and pressure processing have a very important influence on the synthesis of synthetic diamond(aluminum oxide abrasive). Powder catalyst is easy to oxidize because of its fine particle size, and there are holes or inclusions containing oxygen in the catalyst during the manufacturing process, so one of the key points of the process is to strictly control the oxygen content of the catalyst material(180 grit aluminum oxide). The raw materials used for smelting NiMnCo alloy are Ni, Mn and co monomer metals.

The oxygen in the catalyst powder prepared by the atomization quenching method mainly comes from two aspects(white fused alumina): on the one hand, the oxidation of alloy elements and the oxygen in the dissolved atmosphere in the smelting process, which can be avoided as much as possible by controlling the smelting equipment and smelting process(garnet abrasive). The maximum holding time of a device mainly depends on the length of the supercharger stroke and the sealing condition of each sealing device.

On the other hand, in the process of atomization(white aluminum oxide), due to the contact between water and high-temperature melt, chemical reaction occurs: me + h2o-meo + H2O, which results in the increase of oxygen content on the catalyst surface. In the same way, if the oxygen content of the sheet catalyst is too high, or the surface contains more impurities, so it has more spontaneous non-uniform nucleation and mass points(fine grit aluminum oxide). The ratio of catalyst and graphite is 7:3.

First, clean with acid solution to remove the surface pollution and oxide skin(white corundum). On the other hand, in the process of air mist water cooling, due to the too fast water cooling speed and the quenching stress, there are a lot of lattice defects and lattice distortion in the internal structure of the powder catalyst, which will increase the difference between the lattice constant of the powder catalyst and the diamond, thus affecting the "symmetry rule of the structure"(garnet suppliers), which is not conducive to the growth of the diamond crystal.

The synthesis of diamond with sheet catalyst consists of 0.4mm or 0.3mm thick catalyst sheet and 0.6 ~ 1.2mm thick carbon sheet with the same diameter alternately stacked into a synthetic rod(brown fused alumina price). On the one hand, it reduces the conductivity and thermal conductivity of the catalyst material, which is not conducive to the heat transfer and power transmission in the process of diamond synthesis and hinders the growth of diamond(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The smelting furnace is generally a 50kV medium frequency vacuum furnace.

The comparison of powder catalyst and flake catalyst for diamond synthesis is that the catalyst powder with an average particle size of 40-55 μ m and natural graphite or artificial graphite with a smaller particle size are pressed into a synthetic rod(silicon carbide price), and the ratio of catalyst and graphite is 3:7. Such catalyst material has high unit yield when synthesizing diamond, and the diamond on the synthetic sheet is easy to grow evenly(steel grid), but the color of the diamond is dim and the transparency is poor.

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