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Cheap White Corundum Sand Wholesale Suppliers USA

Turn the potentiometer to zero, disconnect the main power supply and control power supply(aluminum oxide abrasive). If KOH is used, it can not be analyzed because of its high purity. When NaOH is used, its content must be more than 98%. If the alkali liquor is removed, it must be washed with a large amount of water in time(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). The effect of flushing with purine acid water is better. There is no dirt and corrosion in the alkali solution box.

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The insulation resistance of the electrolytic cell device to the ground should be greater than 1 megohm, and the insulation resistance between electrodes should be greater than 1 ohm(silicon carbide price). According to the process requirements, the steel alkaline solution is prepared. The specific gravity of alkali liquor should be measured between 1.23-1.29 g / cm(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Check the opening condition of each valve, and do not open or close by mistake.

(cheap white corundum sand wholesale suppliers usa)Clean up the site, check the lead-in line and the weak girth of the tank body for metal wire or metal wire, and if so, clean it(white fused alumina). When using, industrial NaOH should be transported into small pieces, and then dissolved in water. When crushing and handling alkali block, it is necessary to wear protective glasses(garnet abrasive price), rubber gloves and rubber shoes to prevent alkali splashing on the face and skin to cause burns. 

If yes, open the decontamination valve to drain the sewage and clean it(white aluminum oxide). About 200 kg of alkali is used for every 0.6 m3 of water to remove the clip. If you use barrels of NaOH, it is best to use them at one time. When NaOH is placed in the open air, it will quickly absorb CO in the air, and all the alkali to be crushed will be put into the mechanical liquid tank(steel shot abrasive). The water will be recycled by the alkali pump until all the equipment is dissolved.

At the beginning, the base liquid can be added to one third of the height of the liquid level gauge(white corundum). In order not to make the concentration of alkali solution too low, put less water first, and then add water to the specified concentration after alkali dissolves. Due to the low temperature of electrolyte at the beginning of electrolysis, the current cannot reach the specified value(glass bead abrasive). Adjust the current to the specified voltage of 230 v.(cheap white corundum sand wholesale suppliers usa)

Before the mechanical liquid is added into the electrolytic cell, it is necessary to check the circuit, electrical equipment and slow wiring, and check the insulation performance of the electrolytic cell(brown fused alumina price). The deionized water is injected into the scrubber, the water level reaches the specified height, and alkali liquor is added into the electrolyzer and separator(glass beads manufacturers). In case of failure, it is necessary to quickly find out the cause and eliminate it.

(cheap white corundum sand wholesale suppliers usa)After operation, the liquid level is controlled at the horizontal diameter height of the main outlet pipe(black corundum). According to the use method of rectifying device, turn on the power supply, and the silicon rectifier should send power according to the following sequence: press the power switch of Fengzhu to the on position, close the air injector(green carborundum), press the fan button, and close the alarm knife of the main circuit(main power switch).

The SCR rectifier power supply is supplied in the following order(pink corundum): turn on the cooling water of the thyristor, adjust the potentiometer anticlockwise to the equal position and close the total power period; close the air switch; press the control power button to adjust the potentiometer to make the voltage and current rise evenly and adjust the current to the appropriate position(aluminum oxide grit). After finishing the preparatory work.

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