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Generally, the radioactive liquid concentration meter adopts β - radiation(silicon carbide price). There are two methods to determine the concentration by β - radiation: the first method is based on measuring the intensity of β - radiation passing through the medium to be tested; the second method is to measure the intensity of β - vehicle reflected by the medium to be tested(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). The radioactive level meter is applicable to the occasions where other level meters cannot be used.

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This can be achieved by the following two methods(white fused alumina): either using the relation curve between the material electron reflection coefficient and its original energy, or synthesizing the reflection channel and absorption channel of β - particle in the medium to be analyzed, because these effects are related to the composition of the medium to different extent. The sensitivity of the improved sensor is higher than that of the standard one(glass beads supplier). For the detailed introduction of the determination methods, please refer to the literature.

In recent years, the following liquid composition analyzer has been applied, i.e. the photoelectric attenuation process of soft y-RADIATION beam and the attenuation or reflection process of β - particle beam(white aluminum oxide). There is no substantial difference between the determination of solution concentration in abrasive tool industry and the similar determination in other departments(green carborundum). Therefore, this chapter simply lists some existing determination methods.

When the sensitivity of the instrument is the highest, the static characteristic curve of the standard sensor and the improved sensor(white corundum). The accurate material surface measurement method is the weighing method, and the most widely used (referring to the abrasive tool industry) is the capacitance measurement method (although it has a series of shortcomings(black oxide aluminum), such as very sensitive to vibration and severe sensor wear due to abrasive friction).

But when the material level changes little, the sensitivity of the instrument itself is not enough(pink aluminum oxide). The sensor is easy to balance with the standard electronic circuit and works reliably. Among the capacitance meters used to test the liquid and bulk material surface, the most widely used one is the 3my-1 type material surface electronic indicator produced in batches(fused alumina). Using β - radiation, a composition analyzer for measuring three or more components can be manufactured.

In order to solve this problem, the author designed(brown fused aluminum oxide), manufactured and tried a kind of cylindrical coaxial capacitance sensor (model: LI-4, ak-1 in II), which was used to measure the material surface of glue in glue groove of glue applicator, and the measuring range was 0 ~ 150 mm(silicon carbide companies). The electrode of the sensor is made of brass and installed on the straight pipe joint of the standard sensor of the 3hy-1 instrument with a measuring range of 0-5m.

Floating simple material level meter (mostly used as material level annunciator) is also often used, with simple structure and reliable use(black aluminum oxide). The sensitive element of this kind of instrument is buoy, which can be connected to signal circuit, measuring circuit or control circuit with contact switch or non-contact open connection(arc fused alumina), or connected with various types of sensors with terminal board, so as to realize remote transmission of measurement results.

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