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Natural rock; slurry casting forming refractory: plastic forming refractory: semi forming refractory(arc fused alumina); ramming (including mechanical ramming and manual ramming) forming refractory: casting products. In the study of the effect of air hole on the damage of Xiehuo products caused by the invasion of external medium(brown fused alumina factory), it is found that the through ventilation and open air hole usually play a major role, and the effect of closing air is very small.

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Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, the above three types of stomata are usually combined into two types, i.e. open stomata (including through stomata) and closed stomata(white fused alumina). There are three expressions of porosity, i.e. total porosity (real porosity) P, which is the ratio of total porosity to total product volume; open porosity (wet porosity) P, which is the ratio of open porosity to total product volume(fused alumina); closed porosity P, which is the ratio of closed porosity to total product volume.

Porosity is the basic technical index of most refractories(white aluminum oxide). Its size affects almost all properties of refractory products, especially strength, thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, etc. The thermal conductivity is very important for those lightweight refractories which require good thermal insulation and the structural materials which require good thermal conductivity(glass beads manufacturers). Thermal expansion is one of the most important properties of refractories.

First, weigh the mass of dry sample, then vacuum the sample in the container(brown fused aluminum oxide), and then add the fully saturated liquid sample to weigh the mass of the saturated sample in the air and the apparent mass of the saturated sample (that is, when the saturated sample is completely submerged in the immersion solution(garnet abrasive price), the mass of the saturated sample minus the mass of the excluded liquid). Ventilation ceremony, two sides of the products, can pass for the fluid.

Thermal expansion refers to the length change of refractory products in the heating process, which can be expressed in two ways: linear expansion rate and linear expansion coefficient(silicon carbide price). The linear expansion rate refers to the relative change rate of sample length from room temperature to test temperature, and the linear expansion coefficient refers to the relative change rate of sample length from room temperature to test temperature for every 1C temperature rise(glass bead abrasive).

The linear expansion rate and coefficient are the key parameters for the design and calculation of the reserved expansion joint and the total size of the masonry structure(green carborundum). The test method for apparent porosity of dense refractory products is specified in Chinese standard (GB / t2997-1982) and international standard (iso5017), and the sample volume is 50 ~ 200cm(steel shot abrasive). In order to counteract the stress caused by thermal expansion, expansion joint shall be reserved.

The Chinese standard (GB / t7320-1987) uses two methods to determine the thermal expansion of refractory products(silicon carbide companies): overhead indirect method and telescope reading method. According to the principle of mechanical measurement, a cylinder sample with a diameter of 8-10 mm and a length of 50 mm(brown fused alumina 60 grit), or a diameter of 20 mm and a length of 100 mm, is put into the sample tube, and one end of the sample is in contact with the top bar.

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