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There are many influencing factors, involving elasto-plastic mechanics, metal science, surface physical chemistry, and materials science(silicon carbide price). Although a large amount of research has been conducted for a long time, that is, the research on wear mechanism has not been enough, and there is no one. Wear seems to be more complex and sensitive than friction(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). Friction and wear are irreversible processes that exist in nature.

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From a technical point of view(white fused alumina), wear should be understood as an unfavorable change in the surface of the work object due to mechanical reasons causing small particles to loosen. The following definitions are for learning reference. For example, the first definition regulates the mechanical role, that is, while ignoring the electrical and chemical effects(silicon carbide companies), and the second definition emphasizes the role of fatigue.(cheap white corundum wholesale price south korea)

The British Association of Mechanical Engineers defines it as "the gradual consumption of surface materials due to mechanical action"(green carborundum). Kragelski of the former Soviet Union defined it as "material damage caused by repeated disturbances of frictional bonding force(black oxide aluminum)." A systematic study of the wear mechanism to obtain the quantitative relationship between wear variables and wear coefficients and material structural properties.

(cheap white corundum wholesale price south korea)Abrasion is a process of continuous loss of surface material due to mechanical reasons(white aluminum oxide), contact and relative movement of an object with another solid, liquid or gas counterpart." Three notes are added after the definition... …In the OECD compilation "Terms and Definitions" formulated in 1969(arc fused alumina), wear is defined as "wear is the process of continuous material loss on the bearing surface due to the relative movement of the object's surface."

For example, soft solids are easier to wear than hard solids, and wear increases with the increase in load and sliding distance(brown fused alumina price). However, this phenomenon looks simple but is actually very complicated. After this definition Filling is usually wear is harmful, but sometimes the right amount of wear is beneficial, such as in the running-in process(white fused alumina manufacturer). In the above definition, friction is the conversion of energy, and wear is the loss of materials.

each emphasizes a certain role while ignoring others(black aluminum oxide). Although the definitions are different, it is not difficult to see that the wear of materials has three major elements: the first material surface characteristics, the second contact characteristics of another substance (liquid, gas and solid), force transmission and surface deformation And so on(fused alumina), the third relative movement. Reliable and concise quantitative formula.(cheap white corundum wholesale price south korea)

Abrasion is a broad field. It can be said that there are several different and unrelated mechanisms for each type of abrasion(pink aluminum oxide). Therefore, confusion often occurs in classification. Nevertheless, friction and wear are two different concepts, and there are both inseparable connections and essential differences between the two(glass beads supplier). Where there is friction, contact mode, there is wear, and without friction, there is no wear.

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