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It was found that Sm2O3 and Er2O3 can increase the sintering rate, while Y2O3 and La2O3 can inhibit the sintering of alumina(black aluminum oxide). The agglomeration of grains was also inhibited by ERN. Lu Zhangming and Yasuoka pointed out that, contrary to Y2O3, La2O3 can react with Al2O3 to form the second phase of la2o11al2o3, as phase change additives(aluminum oxide grit), thus inhibiting the growth of alumina grains and obtaining fine crystal structure.

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It is found that the glass phase is mainly formed by SiO2 in high alumina ceramics(white fused alumina). With the increase of SiO2 content, the density of corundum decreases. Goswami proposed that the grain shape in high alumina ceramics is affected by the content of SiO2(synthetic corundum). When the content of SiO2 is beyond 4.3-5.3%, the grain is mainly elongated; when the content of SiO2 is within 4.3-5.3%, the grain shape is also related to other additives.

(cheap white fused alumina abrasives suppliers mexico)Hamano system studied the effect of rare earth oxides Y2O3, lano3, Sm2O3 and Er2O3 on the sintering of microcrystalline alumina(pink aluminum oxide). Song et al. Mixed 0.25mol% Na2O + SiO2, CaO + SI2, SRO + SiO2 and Ba + SiO2 into alumina respectively, and found that there was a completely through liquid phase between the alumina grains(green silicon carbide), and at the same time, sheet grains were formed, it can absorb a lot of water from the air.

It is found that there is a period of incubation period before the appearance of AGG(white aluminum oxide), the length of incubation time and the number of abnormal grains strongly depend on the amount of liquid phase, and the growth rate, crystal form and length diameter ratio of grains are affected by the amount of liquid phase(emery abrasive). When the dry friction speed is low, the friction coefficient U < 0.2 (25 ~ 800 ℃) can be realized, thus reducing the wear.(cheap white fused alumina abrasives suppliers mexico)

When the liquid phase is low, the grain size is usually large and the aspect ratio is high(silicon carbide abrasive); when the liquid phase is high, the grain size is usually small and the aspect ratio is low. The B2O3, K2O and Na2O introduced in the sintering of alumina ceramics can generate volatile matter at a lower temperature and eliminate K2O and Na2O. B2O3 and other additives form liquid phase below 1000-1200 ℃(black silicon carbide), which promotes alumina sintering.

(cheap white fused alumina abrasives suppliers mexico)The materials with B or B2O3 on the surface can form layered H3BO3 in the environment(white corundum), and the boron containing ceramics can form oxide lubricating film of B dissolving other elements in the friction process. Shaklee et al. Thought that because of the large specific surface area of the transition phase y-al2o3 powder and its good hygroscopicity(240 grit aluminum oxide). After calcination at 950 ℃ for 1 h, a-Al2O3 nano powder with 32nm and 37nm grains can be obtained.

The results show that the addition of ZnF2 or AlF3 to A1 (OH) 3 powder can reduce the phase transition temperature(brown fused alumina price). The reason for the above results is that ZnF2 and a1f3, can rapidly form active intermediates with reactants Al (OH) 3, which can reduce the material diffusion in the process of nucleation and growth of transition type alumina to type a alumina(aluminum oxide abrasive), so as to improve the properties of corundum materials.(cheap white fused alumina abrasives suppliers mexico)

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