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Part of the pyrolysis products of the foam pattern are transported to the decorative material(white fused alumina), and some are gathered in the cavity and interact with the casting, resulting in casting defects. The amount of pyrolysis products transported to the mold material determines the amount of pyrolysis products accumulated in the cavity(brown corundum powder), and the influence of pyrolysis products on mold parameters.

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The agglomeration of pyrolysis gaseous products in the casting material changes the thermophysical parameters of the casting mold and the use performance of the old sand(pink aluminum oxide). Therefore, it is very important to study the mass transfer and coagulation process of foam-like pyrolysis products in the mold(fused aluminum oxide). Transfer of foam-like pyrolysis products in dry sand. It has become a powerful tool for casting process design.

(cheap white fused alumina factory europe)The solid is mainly solid carbon black(white aluminum oxide); the liquid is liquid polystyrene (LEPS) with low molecular weight and melted gel, and improve product quality; the gas refers to a substance with a low boiling point, volatile, and gaseous at high temperatures, such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, Styrene and a small amount of alkanes, as well as H2, CO, CO2 and other small molecular compounds CH, etc.

Research by Mu Zhigang(silicon carbide price), Liu Zili, Yang Jiakuan and others have shown that the process of selecting interfacial gaps for gaseous and liquid products is accompanied by complex interactions between high temperature molten metal/coating/pyrolysis products(glass beads supplier). The coating on the side of the gap between molten metal and foam is the main channel for decomposition products to escape.(cheap white fused alumina factory europe)

The liquid product formed first is squeezed into the coating on both sides(white corundum), penetrates into the micropores of the coating, and to a certain extent prevents the gaseous product from penetrating the coating. The cutting method is selected as layer priority, which can disperse the processing stress of the template when it is in the cutting state(green carborundum), and can effectively prevent the template from deforming.

(cheap white fused alumina factory europe)The cutting depth of each layer is 2mm, the cutting feed speed is 350mm/min, and the step distance between tools Set to 0.2mm(brown fused alumina price). Under the action of high-temperature molten metal, the organic components of the coating will be lost or vaporized, which will cause micro cracks in the coating(46 grit aluminum oxide), thereby increasing the permeability of the pyrolysis products, thereby affecting the molding process of the casting.

CAD/CAE/CAM mold technology can significantly shorten the mold design and manufacturing cycle, reduce mold costs(black aluminum oxide). The transfer process of the pyrolysis products of the gasification mold in the mold material includes two aspects: the transfer in the coating and the dry sand(silicon carbide companies). The foam pattern materials used include polystyrene (EPS), polymethylmethacrylate (EPMMA) and copolymers of the two.(cheap white fused alumina factory europe)

The transfer characteristics of foam-like pyrolysis products in dry seconds include(black oxide aluminum): the mass transfer rate of foam-like pyrolysis products in molding sand, and the residual amount of pyrolysis products condensed in dry sand And distribution, the composition of pyrolysis residues in dry sand(arc fused alumina). The front morphology of the molten metal also directly affects the effective penetration area of the interfacial gap coating.

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