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If the distance between the AC bus of the rectifier arm and the horizontal busbar is too small(white fused alumina), it is easy to cause AC and DC short-circuit accidents; the overvoltage absorption protection devices of the rectifier cabinet are all installed inside the rectifier cabinet(steel shot abrasive), which is prone to failure due to the accessories of the protection device Cause a short circuit arc explosion accident in the rectifier cabinet.

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Basically, the rectifier cabinet adopts the top-in and bottom-out method(pink aluminum oxide). The control circuits and auxiliary equipment of the above-mentioned equipment must have a backup power source that is as reliable as the main equipment. This insulation material has a high density and is not easy to form water-absorbing micropores(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit), which avoids the phenomenon of reduced insulation due to temperature changes.

(cheap white fused alumina factory usa)When the capacitor leaks oil, it is easy to cause the rectifier cabinet to explode and catch fire(white aluminum oxide). In addition, the rectifier cabinet is in the same phase and reverse phase, and all add arc barriers to increase the insulation coefficient. Install threaded insulating caps on the nuts on both sides of the threaded rod(garnet abrasive price). The slot type installation method is adopted, and the partition material is SMC insulation board.

For example, the capacitor in the commutation overvoltage absorption device uses an oil-filled capacitor(silicon carbide price). According to unsafe factors, adjacent DC bus bridge arms are clamped by insulating clamps. Adding a polymer protective cover to the component itself can achieve the purpose of explosion-proof and arc control of the component(garnet mesh 30 60). All DC busbars are fully insulated and protected.(cheap white fused alumina factory usa)

The use of silicone rubber composite material, and press and seal according to the shape of the bus, solve the problem of arc short circuit of the DC return bus(white corundum). Mainly as the aforementioned CPC flat topology rectifier cabinet, the positive and negative busbars are separated from the front and back(glass beads supplier). The large space not only solves the problem of safe operation, but also facilitates maintenance.

(cheap white fused alumina factory usa)It is easy to cause short circuit of the positive and negative rectifier arms(green carborundum); (including the vertical busbar) the operating overvoltage absorption device is moved outside the rectifier cabinet (including the connecting lead), and the distribution box is used for centralized installation(aluminium oxide grit manufacturers). At present, some factories have put into operation the improved new rectifier cabinet, and the operation is very good.

Replace all the wires connected to the main circuit in the rectifier cabinet with high-voltage flame-retardant wires(brown fused alumina price), including operating overvoltage, commutation overvoltage and temperature relay circuits. The installation position of the commutation overvoltage absorption device is moved to the bottom of the rear side of the rectifier cabinet(black oxide aluminum), and is isolated from the main circuit with a special insulating material.

(cheap white fused alumina factory usa)The use of a new type of rectifier cabinet(silicon carbide companies), in view of the continuous expansion of the current electrolytic cell capacity and the continuous increase in series voltages, all above 1000V, the shortcomings of the rectifier cabinet with the same-phase and anti-parallel structure are constantly exposed. The distance between the positive and negative busbars in the rectifier cabinet is more than 1.2 meters.

The loss is also relatively low (the loss of a single cabinet is lower than 20kW), and the rectification efficiency is relatively high(black aluminum oxide). If you want to fundamentally solve the operation safety of the rectifier cabinet, you must start from the structure Change on. Replace the oil-filled capacitor of the commutation overvoltage absorption circuit with a dry capacitor(arc fused alumina), install a resistor, and cancel a varistor.

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