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Cheap White Fused Alumina For Refractory Germany

The slag resistance of high alumina products increases with the increase of Al2O3 content(white corundum). But its corrosion resistance to basic slag is lower than that of basic refractory. The high temperature resistance of the substrate is much lower than that of the particle part, and the slag first erodes the substrate part in use(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). The code is p, and the code of lock joint brick is PC.

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The decrease of impurity content is beneficial to the improvement of slag resistance(green carborundum). At the same time, increasing the density of the product and reducing the porosity are also effective measures to improve its flood resistance. The high alumina brick has higher thermal conductivity than the bonded brick(120 grit aluminum oxide), which is related to the decrease of glass phase and the increase of mullite or corundum crystal in high alumina products.

Therefore, the matrix composition and structure of the products can be improved to improve the high temperature performance of the products(brown fused alumina price). According to the physical and chemical indexes, the crack length is not limited, high alumina brick can be divided into lz-75, 1.z-65, 1.2-55 and 1.z-484 brands(aluminum oxide blast media), which are in accordance with the physical and chemical indexes of national standards, measured in 0.1mm. The code is PA.

China building materials industry standard (jc350-1993) divides the phosphate bonded high alumina brick for cement kiln into two kinds according to the binder(black corundum). For sliding plate bricks hbl-65, hbl-55 and hbm-70, and the crack length at the cast hole of sliding surface is not allowed to cross the building; the contact between sliding surface and molten steel is not allowed(silicon carbide companies); the crack length at other parts is not limited. 

The high temperature properties of high aluminum products are related to the microstructure of products(pink corundum). Hbls-55, hbms-60, the crack width is not more than 0.10 mm, but the crack length is not allowed to cross the building at the cast hole of the sliding surface(100 grit aluminum oxide). Slurry flooding refers to the phenomenon of a layer of light slurry on the surface of materials due to vibration and tamping during the construction of refractory concrete.

The appendix of national standard gb3416-82 lists the "recommended shape and size of sliding cast-in-place brick for steel ladle" for reference(white fused alumina). The cement dense phosphate bonded high alumina brick is a high alumina refractory product, which is made of high alumina clinker as aggregate and fine powder, phosphoric acid or aluminum phosphate as binder(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers), by semi dry pressing and heat treatment at 400 ~ 600 ℃.

The crack width is 0.11-0.25mm, the crack length of working face is not more than 25mm, and the crack length of non working face is not more than 50mm(silicon carbide price). When a specified cone is used to sink into a flowable material, its sinking depth is the consistency of the material(silicon carbide 180 grit). The concept of consistency is widely used in the preparation and application of refractory mud, some wet spraying coatings, plastics and pouring materials.

The binder of phosphate bonded high alumina brick (phosphate brick for short) is 42.5% - 50% phosphoric acid solution(white aluminum oxide). The binder of aluminum phosphate combined with high alumina wear-resistant brick (referred to as wear-resistant brick) is aluminum phosphate solution composed of industrial phosphoric acid and industrial aluminum hydroxide(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit), the crack width is ≤ 0.10 mm, and the molar ratio is Al2O3: PO3 = 1:3.2.

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