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Due to the small squeezing and kneading force of the paddles on the mud(aluminum oxide grit), the air between the mud particles cannot be effectively discharged, the mud is loose, and the degree of tight combination is poor; but the equipment has a simple structure, low energy consumption, continuous operation, and large production capacity, Easy to operate and maintain(low sodium white fused alumina), and low requirements for product density.

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The direction of rotation of the leaves is the same, and the materials go one by one, which can extend the mixing time of the materials in the tank, which is beneficial to the uniformity of dry mixing(aluminum oxide abrasive). The paddle mixer is mainly composed of a tank, a horizontal spiral shaft (discontinuous blades arranged in a spiral line on the shaft) and a transmission device(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). The paddle mixer is divided into two types: single shaft type and double shaft type.

The blades are installed on the horizontal shaft in an inclined shape(white fused alumina). The paddle mixer is a device for mixing by the rotary stirring action of the paddle. The single-shaft blade mixer is composed of a horizontal shaft and a tank body, with a length of 3 ~ 5m. The material wheel device, the discharge door, the vibration damping pad and so on(white aluminium oxide super fine). The high-speed agitator is composed of a motor, a V-belt wheel and a mixing star.

The spacing between the blade tip and the tank wall is determined according to the critical particle size of the material, Generally not less than 10mm(brown fused aluminum oxide). The dual-shaft paddle mixer is composed of two horizontal shafts and a tank, which are divided into two types: suitable for the production of refractory products with large production volume, stable process parameters, cocurrent type and countercurrent type(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). 

In order to make the materials mix evenly and prolong the mixing time properly, the installation angle of the blades can be adjusted or part of the blades can be installed according to the angle of mud flow(silicon carbide abrasive). During cocurrent mixing, the two shafts rotate in opposite directions, and the blades rotate in opposite directions, and the mud is pushed in the same direction; when countercurrent mixing, the two shafts rotate in opposite directions(aluminum oxide blasting media).

The trapped material is to store the mixed mud at a certain temperature and temperature for a certain period of time to fully react to improve the molding performance of the mud(green silicon carbide). For example, clay brick mud is to make the combined clay fully dispersed and evenly distributed, give full play to the plasticity and bonding performance of the combined clay, and improve the molding performance, and the high speed agitator(brown aluminum oxide factory).

During the mixing operation, the HL-kneading granulator is a mixing device that makes the materials move relative to the flow and obtain uniform mixing and granulation(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The HL-mixing granulator uses the principle of strong countercurrent work to make the countercurrent relative movement of the material between the chassis rotating at a low speed clockwise, the mixing target rotating at a medium speed counterclockwise(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media).

The speed of the motor is directly transmitted to the rotating shaft of the mixing star through the first-stage deceleration of the V-belt(black silicon carbide). The mixing rake is composed of a planetary cycloid reducer directly connected with four blades, and the rotation speed is medium speed rotation (45r / min), which is mainly used to roll the material and make it evenly mixed(white aluminum oxide grit). Stirring star is a special structure of disc type. 

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