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In addition, the refractory fiber, which is hailed as the third-generation refractory material, has developed at a high speed since about 1970(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). At present, the production capacity of refractory fiber in the United States is 25,000-30,000 tons / year, in the United Kingdom it is 6,000-8,000 tons / year, Japan is about 8,000 tons / year(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive), the Soviet Union is about 6,000 tons / year, and China is about 3,000 tons / year.

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At the same time(brown fused alumina price), the production method and secondary processing technology of refractory fiber have also been greatly improved, the variety is increasing, the use temperature has been increased from about 1000 ° C to more than 1600 ° C, and the construction technology has also made great progress(glass beads manufacturers). The world's refractory fiber production was about 10,000 tons in 1969, and by 1979 it had reached 45,000 tons.

In recent years, the development of refractory production technology has been centered on improving quality, increasing variety and reducing consumption(white fused alumina). Without high-quality raw materials, it is impossible to produce products with high abundance(garnet abrasive price). The characteristic of the sand is that the ratio of MgO / CaO can be freely controlled, so as to improve the purity, the impurity content is very low, and the bulk density is high.

Does a lot of research and development work on mineral processing(black aluminum oxide), purification, calcination technology and synthetic raw material technology of refractory raw materials at home and abroad, increase the density of clinker, uniform composition structure and stable performance(green carborundum). It is made by calcining at a high temperature of ° C, and it is also made by electrofusion. Refractory raw materials are the basis.

Natural magnesite and high-aluminum bowls are generally burned after beneficiation or chemical purification, and their calcination equipment adopts rotary volume(white aluminum oxide). For example, in the Soviet Union, the proportion of raw materials calcined in rotary kilns is 67%, and in shaft kilns it is 22.5%(glass bead abrasive). At present, the world's production of synthetic mullite sand and alumina sand has exceeded 200,000 tons and 300,000 tons respectively.

In order to reduce the pollution of raw materials, countries generally use natural gas, coal gas or heavy oil as fuel(pink aluminum oxide). At present, seawater magnesia production accounts for about 1/3 of the world's total magnesia production. The total MgO content is generally 98%, a small amount close to or reaching 99%, and the bulk density is about 3.4 g / cm(steel shot abrasive). Its production process is made by adding CaO to the seawater magnesia and mixing it.

The table shows the properties of Japanese synthetic magnesium dolomite sand(white corundum). Synthetic high-alumina raw materials mainly include mullite sand and alumina sand, etc. The former is generally manufactured by sintering method; the latter is based on lightly burned alumina and industrial alumina, and has passed nearly 2000 in rotary kiln or shaft kiln(silicon carbide companies). Japan created the synthetic magnesia dolomite sand in 1964.

The products can be divided into plate-shaped alumina sand, sintered alumina sand and fused alumina sand(silicon carbide price). In foreign countries, the development of molten refractory raw materials is also very fast, the main varieties are fused magnesia, fused rigid and fused silica(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). The two-step calcination process of magnesium-calcium-based alkaline refractory raw materials is an important means of producing high-quality reduced raw materials.

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