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Cheap White Fused Alumina Manufacturer In UK

In this paper, we mainly explain the dense electric fused corundum, sub white fused alumina, β - corundum, cyan corundum and zirconium corundum from the aspects of smelting process, corundum performance and general purpose: dense electric fused corundum white is made of industrial alumina as raw material, adding additives and melting in electric furnace.

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The main phase of zircon corundum is α - Al2O3, the secondary phase is zircon, and there are a few glass phases. The appearance of dense white aluminum oxide is gray, gray black or gray white, Al2O3 ≥ 98%, apparent porosity is lower than that of fused alumina, generally ≤ 4%, bulk density ≤ 3.8g/cm3, main black oxide aluminum crystal phase is α - Al2O3, sub crystal phase is feti3, caal22o9, ca3si8o9, tin, TiO2, and a small amount of glass phase.(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer in uk)

The content of C in dense corundum should be less than or equal to 0.14%, and the garnet suppliers formation of β - Al2O3 should be minimized to improve the strength and corrosion resistance of corundum particles. When there are many carbides (Al4C3, al4o4c, al2c) in the fused corundum, the carbides can react with glass beads supplier water at room temperature: Al4C3 + 12H2O → 4Al (OH) 3 + 3ch4 ↑ can cause the powder of fused corundum particles.

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer in uk)Dense fused white corundum is widely used as aggregate in refractory products, and its application in unshaped refractory materials is expanding. Also known as bauxite based fused corundum or high alumina corundum, it is actually bauxite based dense fused corundum. It is made by electrofusion of special grade or first grade aluminium oxide sandblasting bauxite in reducing atmosphere and under controlled conditions.

Reducing agent (carbon), settling agent (iron filings) and decarburizing agent (iron scale) are added during brown fused alumina price melting. In the middle and early stage of smelting, TiO2 is reduced by excessive reducing agent, and in the later stage of smelting, decarburizer or oxygen blowing are added to remove excessive carbon, so as to obtain sub garnet abrasive. Its physical and chemical indexes are similar to those of dense fused corundum, and its color is also close.(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer in uk)

Generally, the content of Al2O3 is more than 98%, the apparent porosity is less than 4%. The crystal of black corundum is generally granular, with the size of 1-15mm. The main impurity minerals are calcium hexaaluminate (CA6), rutile, aluminum titanate and their solid solutions. However, there are high titanium compounds in the mineral composition, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is higher than that of dense black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit.

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer in uk)In order to control the excessive formation of carbides, strict operation should be carried out during pink corundum melting. The loose, bulging and even serious cracking of the construction body can be caused when the unshaped refractory is arranged. At present, it is mainly used to replace dense fused 240 grit aluminum oxide in unshaped refractories and Al2O3-SiC-C bricks. The amount of substitution can reach 25% ~ 50%.

C content shall be controlled during arc fused alumina application, generally ≤ 0.14%. The content of ferromagnetic material should be controlled to avoid black spots on the surface of brick. Corundum made by direct electrofusion of natural bauxite in Russia contains 98.25% Al2O3. Its price is 25% ~ 30% lower than that of industrial alumina, and its power consumption is reduced by 2 / 3. Corundum bricks with 95% and 90% Al2O3 are made from this raw black alumina material.(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer in uk)

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