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The brown fused alumina price amount of iron oxide in the charge can promote the growth of silicon carbide crystal, and increase the output of the furnace a little. When the content reaches 1.5%, the output is the largest. However, the higher the iron content, the lower the yield of silicon carbide processing, and make the aluminum oxide abrasive red and produce scrap iron spots.

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Therefore, from the economic point of view, it is hoped that the less iron in the charge, the better. The black corundum presence of iron does not affect the color of green silicon carbide. Even if the outer layer of the crystallizer has turned red, the silicon carbide crystal itself can keep the original green. The increase of output has a significant effect on the size of silicon carbide crystal, which requires a certain amount of aluminum oxide grit to meet the requirements of electrical performance.

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer usa)Alumina has a great influence on the color of silicon carbide crystal. A little higher white fused alumina content in the furnace burden greatly increases the difficulty of smelting green silicon carbide. It can form compounds with low melting point and great fluidity with silica, block the reduction of silica and reduce the reaction speed of forming black silicon carbide. Similar to the effect of calcium oxide, it can reduce the output and make silicon carbide crystal black.

Magnesium oxide and silicon carbide price form low melting point compounds, which hinder the reduction of silicon dioxide and the formation of silicon carbide, reduce the output and make the crystal black. When the ball mill is reshaped, the technological parameters such as the speed of rotation, the size of grinding medium, the ratio of ball to material, the filling rate of medium, and the milling time have a direct impact on the product rate and the vibrating density of the black aluminum oxide media material, and the reasonable matching will obtain the ideal results.

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer usa)Feed evenly. That is to say, the white aluminum oxide material should be fed continuously and evenly along the whole length of the stick. Otherwise, the surface of the roll skin will be partially worn, and ring grooves and protruding edges will be generated, so that when the roller counter is used properly, the opening of the rough part should not be too large or too small, or the pink aluminium oxide crushing ratio will be too small or the phenomenon of choking will occur.

It is better to choose different diameters of the pink corundum materials with different pulling degrees for crushing. In the process of production, two kinds of shaping processes are combined to mix the shaped brown corundum powder in a certain proportion, which not only ensures the vibrating density of the product, but also ensures the white aluminum oxide abrasive high yield, and can obtain better economic benefits. The structure of the counter roll crusher determines that its crushing ratio is unlikely to be very large.

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer usa)When crushing brown aluminium oxide, it is generally 3-4. The counter roll crusher used for corundum crushing should have a diameter of 1-2 times larger than the length to ensure the strength and rigidity of the equipment. The roller shell shall be made of high hardness wear-resistant materials, such as 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media high manganese steel and high carbon steel. The high-strength spring shall be used for the safety device of the counter roller.

In fact, when green silicon carbide is hard and boring and broken, the spring has lost its safety function. Under the condition of sufficient strength and rigidity of the equipment, the spring can be cancelled and other safety devices, such as overload steel sheet or hydraulic device, can be used instead. In this way, the white fused aluminium oxide working efficiency can be improved, and the discharging is even and the powder is less.(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer usa)

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