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Cheap White Fused Alumina Manufacturer Europe

What are the advantages of brown aluminum oxide compared with them? Because metal will be added in the process of production, so the hardness is large. Only when the hardness is available, can it collide and rub with other articles. In addition, the patented technology in production can enhance the toughness and wear resistance of "black corundum". Therefore, it is invincible in the polishing process.

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Of course, it is necessary to produce high-end and high-quality "aluminum oxide blasting abrasive" products What's more, we have powerful patent technology, with which we can produce high-quality wear-resistant products! This ensures the health and safety of the operator and improves the visibility of the operator. Compared with slag (in the process of slag formation, cold water or even sea water is used for green silicon carbide high-temperature cooling, so the glass phase structure is formed, which is fragile).

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer europe)Because slag is relatively brittle, it is easy to be crushed into small particles in the spray grinding process. Because the brown fused alumina proportion of slag is relatively small, small slag particles are suspended in the air, resulting in environmental pollution. It is very wear-resistant. It is a kind of material with high cost performance in wear-resistant materials. It can hit the surface of objects with sharp edges and corners rapidly, so it is regarded as a very fast way of aluminium oxide abrasive grit spray grinding.

The smaller the particle, the easier it is to accelerate, so pink corundum can produce a higher impact force on the surface of the object, resulting in a very high cleaning speed - usually twice as fast (m2 / HR) as other conventional abrasives. Several advantages of white corundum fine powder abrasive: It can be used for sand blasting in the process where iron powder residue is strictly prohibited. black silicon carbide has the characteristics of good hardness, high purity and thermal stability in use.(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer europe)

The amount of iron oxide contained is very low, which is suitable for sand blasting where iron residue is strictly prohibited. After acid cleaning, impurities can be removed. White corundum powder is not only a high-grade abrasive material, but also a high-grade grinding and polishing material. The abrasive tool made of it is suitable for grinding high carbon steel, high-speed steel and various stainless steels. This medium can be used to make some aluminium oxide blasting grit abrasives and abrasives used in the polishing process.

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer europe)Micro powder level is very suitable for wet sand blasting and polishing operation, brown fused aluminum oxide with high processing speed and quality. It can separate various components and ensure good performance and low price in the process of shot peening. It is also widely used in precision casting, steel fire resistance, chemical fire resistance, electric porcelain, decorative porcelain and other special ceramics and daily life ceramics, as well as aluminum oxide grit military industry, electronics and other high-tech industries.

According to these characteristics, silicon carbide abrasive can be used in construction, chemical industry, industry, refractory production, abrasive processing, abrasive materials, filter water quality and other industries. According to the characteristics and advantages of white corundum, white corundum has a wide range of applications. Among the artificial corundum, aluminum oxide abrasive media has gradually become one of the most popular corundum. it does not affect the color of the processed parts.(cheap white fused alumina manufacturer europe)

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