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Cheap White Fused Alumina Manufacturers South Africa

However, the higher the wax injection temperature(white fused alumina), the greater the shrinkage rate of the investment mold, especially in the transition stage of the mold material from the liquid phase to the solid phase during the cooling process, the linear shrinkage rate changes more with the wax injection temperature(arc fused alumina). Therefore, and the smoother the surface; this type of molding material is obviously not suitable for liquid injection molding.

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In the production of investment casting(white aluminum oxide), the characteristics of inorganic salt mold materials are that there is no softening and deformation stage when changing from solid to liquid, no deformation below the melting point, high melting point and strength, low shrinkage, good fluidity, smooth surface(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). It is better to use a paste-like molding material with a lower wax injection temperature to reduce its Shrinkage.

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturers south africa)The changes in shrinkage rate are also different, and the difference is large(white corundum). For example, when the paraffin-stearic acid mold material is in the liquid wax injection, although the surface roughness and smooth surface of the investment mold can be obtained(fused alumina), its liquid shrinkage rate is large (liquid The shrinkage rate of free casting can reach more than %), which affects the dimensional accuracy of the investment mold.

The required injection pressure is mainly determined by the properties of the molding material(brown fused alumina price), the wax injection temperature and the investment structure. The mold material with higher viscosity has poor fluidity and requires higher injection pressure; on the contrary(brown fused aluminium oxide), if the viscosity of the mold material is smaller, the injection pressure can be lower, and good Water-soluble, shrinkage should be selected.(cheap white fused alumina manufacturers south africa)

If the liquid molding material is used in the production to obtain the investment mold with a small surface roughness(black corundum). When using liquid molding materials or paste-like molding materials to make molds, the lower wax injection temperature should be used as far as possible under the condition of ensuring good filling(black oxide aluminum), so as to reduce the shrinkage of the mold material and improve the dimensional accuracy of the investment mold.

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturers south africa)In addition to the performance of the mold material, the molding process and equipment are important factors that determine the quality of the investment(pink corundum). In a certain temperature range, the higher the wax injection temperature, the smaller the surface roughness of the investment mold, the lower the wax injection temperature(glass beads supplier), the greater the surface roughness and the rougher the surface of the investment mold.

If the pressure is too large, the requirements on the structure and strength of the pressure type are higher(silicon carbide price), and the mold material is likely to splash during wax injection. If the working temperature of the profiling is too low, the cooling rate of the investment mold will be too fast, which will reduce the surface quality of the investment mold(aluminium oxide blasting), or produce defects such as cold barrier and insufficient pouring, and cracks are likely to occur locally.(cheap white fused alumina manufacturers south africa)

Different types of molding materials(green carborundum), such as paraffin-based molding materials that are more widely used in China, have low melting points and viscosity, so the commonly used pressure is only about 0.2~0.6MPa. The paste-like mold material is injected into the molding under pressure(brown fused alumina manufacturer). In addition, when there is a water-soluble core or ceramic core in the investment mold, too much pressure will easily cause the core to break or deform.

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturers south africa)When using resin-based mold materials, the wax injection pressure is usually 2.5~15MPa due to the high viscosity of wax sound and poor fluidity(silicon carbide companies). Therefore, appropriately increasing the injection pressure of the mold material is beneficial to reduce the shrinkage rate and improve the dimensional accuracy of the investment mold(1200 grit aluminum oxide). However, the pressure is not as large as possible. Liquid mold material with low rate is suitable.

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