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As mentioned earlier, gestational recession will not appear immediately, but will take a time course(white fused alumina). The results obtained by testing the white cast depth and the strength of cast iron at different time are in good agreement with the law of viscosity change. The length of the process is affected by a number of factors(green silicon carbide). At this temperature, molten iron is rich in dissolved oxygen, but oxygen does not react with silicon in molten iron.

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Graphite nucleation matrix is polluted, which makes its crystal surface covered by pollutants and loses its activity(white aluminum oxide). It can be seen that the effect of inoculation temperature on the number of eutectic clusters is small when the residence time is short; when the residence time is constant, the higher the inoculation temperature is(black silicon carbide), the less the eutectic cluster number is, which indicates that the inoculation decay phenomenon is more significant.

The formation and decline of inoculation is related to the behavior of inoculant in hot metal(white corundum), the diffusion process of carbon and silicon atoms in molten iron under the change of hot metal temperature, and the formation and dissolution of graphite crystal nucleus. When ferrosilicon is added into molten iron for a short time, this kind of surface exists. The reduction of eutectic clusters varies with inoculants(buy brown fused alumina). Most of A-type graphite is changed into D-type graphite.

The concentration of silicon in the silicon rich micro region is much higher than that in the surrounding hot metal after inoculation(brown fused alumina price). When the concentration tends to be balanced, the silicon rich micro region will be cleared away, and the inoculation will decline or even disappear. The effect of residence time of molten iron on the number of clusters after inoculation at different superheat temperatures was studied(emery abrasive). The melting time of particles less than 5mm should not exceed 1min.

Decreasing the melting rate of inoculant can make the disappearance time of silicon rich micro region move backward(black corundum). At normal inoculation temperature (1380-1420 ℃), the melting rate of granular x (SI) = 75% ferrosilicon or composite inoculant in molten iron is very high. When the particle size is large, the inoculant can be kept in molten iron for a longer time(aluminum oxide abrasive). The nucleation process disappears, and finally leads to incubation decline.

This concentration difference drives the silicon atoms in the silicon rich micro area to diffuse to the periphery(pink corundum). With the increase of particle size, the number of particles decreases, the nucleation position of graphite decreases, and the diffusion of carbon atoms in the micro region occurs. However, the diffusion rate of carbon is low, and the time of re dissolving into molten iron is longer than that of silicon(synthetic corundum), which can be maintained on the surface of nucleation matrix for 3-5 min.

In practical production(silicon carbide abrasive), the effective time of silicon based inoculant with appropriate particle size in molten iron is 10 ~ 20 min, which is longer than the retention time of silicon and carbon atoms in the above micro region. If the inoculant contains calcium, strontium, barium and other anti decay elements, the oxides formed by these elements in molten iron can effectively inhibit the diffusion of carbon and silicon atoms(aluminum oxide grit). The silicon rich micro area disappeared.

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