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Cheap White Fused Alumina Manufacturers Switzerland

The construction quality acceptance is needed when the electrolytic machinery is completed(white fused alumina). According to the appearance inspection, the insulation is fully up to. Such as wall size, feeding system, shell cutting system, commissioning of control machine, anode lifting mechanism test, bus installation inspection, etc., the acceptance contents are as follows(black aluminium oxide). The cost was saved about 15000 yuan.

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The installation of each component shall not have temporary overlap(white aluminum oxide). Take coke wax burning as an example: there are coke particles in the furnace charging materials (1-3 mm particles can be dried for 8 hours at 100 ℃). Debugging of tank control computer. Insulation part test(aluminum oxide grit). The difference between the maximum and minimum value of energy protection size and bottom protection level is less than 1cm.(cheap white fused alumina manufacturers switzerland)

With this mixture, 4 tons of Muping stone can be saved and 0.6 tons of sodium hydroxide can be increased(white corundum). The action system has no load curve, and the surrounding area of electrolyzer and pushed down floor are clean and free of sundries. Specifically, use the bright ohmmeter to test whether the resistance of each edge meets the requirements(white corundum manufacturers), and the insulation value is required to be larger than + 1m0.

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturers switzerland)Coke laying and pole hanging is the key operation of installation and maintenance, and it is an important procedure to determine the end quality(brown fused aluminum oxide). The electricity department and quality control department use 4 electricity. The switch is operated and lowered so that the line can be transported for two milk strokes(garnet abrasive). First of all, materials are difficult to prepare, including protective materials and other tools.

Feeding system: the upper part of the trough is very normal, and the feeding is normal(black aluminum oxide). Check whether the material is well sealed, and there is no overturning phenomenon in the feeding process. The feeding box is merciless. Shell cutting system. The shell breaking action is normal with the head, and there is no slow rising or falling and bumping phenomenon(garnet suppliers). The feeding amount of the container meets the standard.(cheap white fused alumina manufacturers switzerland)

Check the linkage action and effect light of cotton controller(pink aluminum oxide), and confirm that the control panel function, early warning function, status function, manual function and other actions are executed, and whether the indicator light is correct. If the error of the whole longitudinal dimension and transverse dimension is less than 1.5em(black aluminum oxide blast media), there are no defects in artificial phase extension and carbon seam paste.

(cheap white fused alumina manufacturers switzerland)High molecular weight ice stone(green silicon carbide), soda ash, calcium chloride, electrolyte block, Yanglou carbon block (carbon is replaced by one can product, guide rod assembly should be vertical, while pig iron pouring is full without movable claw phenomenon) and middle seam cover(100 grit aluminum oxide white). In the test of the pole lifting mechanism, the electrolysis machine is equipped with a lifting device to carry out the load lifting test.

There was no foreign matter in the surface of the tumor and the upper part of the groove(black silicon carbide). The lifting motor is free of movement and noise, the transmission transmission is not moving, and there is no crack phenomenon at the bus welding joint. The furnace charging device has a multimeter(carborundum abrasives), thermocouple and casing, shunt, soft connection, special jiaolaijing, point blast pipe, phase purulent plate, etc. Line No.(cheap white fused alumina manufacturers switzerland)

The error of each fine material point and the total feeding amount is measured, and the error range is controlled within ± 3%(aluminum oxide abrasive). Clean up the inside of the sample after acceptance, clean the surface of cathode slow carbon replacement and the surface of artificial clock, and clean up the injection material and sewage flow during the inspection period(carborundum grit), and check whether the horizontal bus is at the lower limit of 50 mm.

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