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Cheap White Fused Alumina Oxide MFG France

No matter what white aluminum oxide abrasive molding method is used, the green body must be dried, because the strength of the green body after drying is rapidly increased, which reduces the damage rate of the green body during the calcination process. The semi-dry pressed compacts should generally be dried to less than (2 soil 0.5)% to avoid cracking during white fused aluminium oxide calcination. Tunnel dryers and conveyor dryers are commonly used. 

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Spherical bodies calcined in shaft kiln or rotary kiln can be dried by furnace-type preheater. Spheroidal bodies formed by the plastic method must also be dried. As the pink corundum temperature increases and the residence time in the kiln increases, the agglomerates become a large amount of powder. The calcining equipment for sintering corundum is different due to different brown aluminum oxide 250 grit molding methods. In order to facilitate subsequent drying and calcination, it should be pressed into a rectangular body.

(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg france)The billet must be dried in a stationary state and brown fused alumina price cannot be dried with a drum. In particular, the use of a rotary kiln for calcining clinker requires a furnace preheater for drying, because the rotary kiln has a strong air flow, which will damage the billet if it does not dry well and produce black silicon carbide fine powder. High-aluminum clinker with high calcination strength can discharge 20% of dust, and brown fused alumina suppliers clinker may have higher dust emission.

At ℃ 200 ° C, heating for 15 minutes, the black corundum ball is broken into agglomerates. The original ball diameter was 20 ~ 25mm. After heating at 200 ℃, 60% of the particle size in the kiln was less than 10mm (15% below 3mm). After heating at 400 ℃, 42% of the particle size was less than 10mm (less than 3mm). 18%), after heating to 600 ~ 800 ℃, the kiln, the brown fused alumina 60 grit particle size of less than 10mm is only 10% ~ 15% (less than 3mm is 42% ~ 48%).(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg france)

Alcoa introduced the ball formed by the drum into the dryer to remove 15% of the moisture, white fused alumina and used hot air from the shaft kiln to make the hot air and the ball go against the current while controlling the temperature to avoid cracks in the body. The semi-dry pressing method is used to make the green silicon carbide standard brick-shaped green body and the extruded green body. Generally, the tunnel kiln or the down flame kiln is used for calcination.

(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg france)The effective inner height is 0.798 ~ 0.644n, the white aluminum oxide inner width is 1.12.m, and 40 burners are available. The inner heights of the preheat zone, firing zone and cooling zone are not high. Because the factory uses industrial alumina to directly burn corundum, the body shrinks greatly, which results in a large space in the kiln firing zone and cooling zone Flames and hot air flow up to the upper part of the kiln, instead of the main passageway between the wholesale brown fused alumina brick stacks.

Special white corundum refractory plant designed a high temperature tunnel kiln with a length of 72.55m and burning natural gas for calcining the body of vacuum extrusion molding. The maximum firing temperature is 1850 ℃. A feeding pipe and a water spraying pipe are installed vertically above the disc. When the disc is started, the silicon carbide abrasive powder ground by the ball mill or the vibration mill is discharged from the feeding pipe to the ball forming disc.(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg france)

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